Review / “Sometimes there isn’t anything to get”

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THE exhibition title comes from Zoe Brand’s ongoing series “A Failure to Communicate, More or Less”.

This provocative conceptual jeweller challenges viewers to consider well-worn phrases such as: “We are not on the same page”, by creating signs. The works can be worn, but exhibited on bright yellow boards they become amusing. When worn, the words may be lost and become meaningless: this may be the point.

Recently graduated from the ANU, Joel Arthur’s paintings evoke those of Bridget Riley. Colour, placement of lines and geometric forms explore the sensation of movement across the surface of the work, giving an optical experience. The work titled “No. 46” from 2015 takes a different direction, incorporating other objects and softer lines.

Art works by Byrd, or Daniel Maginnity are seen all over Canberra, generally unidentifiable.

Often they are ephemeral, or on the walls of public spaces such as Craft ACT’s shop and a hairdresser in Garema Place. The small works on exhibit are from a series “The self aggrandizing echo chamber that is meta-slang” and could easily be hung in a home or office.

They are tight, well executed and imaginative.

Hanna Hoyne, a sculptor and performance artist, is exhibiting photographs from an ongoing collaborative project with Ameilia Zaraftis. While there are many aspects to the project, the immediate focus is a sculpture of an echidna made from clothes pegs, which holds volumes of the artists’ books documenting the project. Still photographs depict a performance in a backyard.

Nancy Sever has generously given the exhibition curator Rosie Goldfeder the use of the space. It is exciting to see the work of young Canberra artists in a professional gallery, who challenge and create a dialogue with the viewer.

January 12, 2015.

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