Shane fights for your right to die

shane rattenbury

SHANE Rattenbury is calling on Canberrans to support a petition to repeal the discriminatory Andrew’s Bill which prevents the Territories from legislating on voluntary euthanasia.

“It is clear that there is growing community support for this important issue and it is time for legislative change to allow individuals to make their own end of life choices,” Shane said.

“However, the ACT is unable to progress legislation on the issue of voluntary euthanasia because of discriminatory laws that prevent the ACT and NT from legislating in this regard.

“We are a compassionate and progressive jurisdiction and we should be allowed to progress the debate towards legislative change.

“I launched a petition earlier this year asking the people of the ACT to take a stand with me and demand that the Commonwealth gives us back our Territory rights.

“Leader of the Australian Greens, Richard Di Natale, will table the petition in the Federal Parliament early next year, calling on the Federal Government to re-establish the right of the ACT Assembly to legislate on voluntary euthanasia.

“The ACT Greens have been out on the streets chatting to Canberrans and collecting signatures on this important issue and you should expect to see more of us out there over the coming months as we prepare to table the petition.

“The people of the ACT should have the same rights as other Australian citizens. The Commonwealth restriction discriminates against the Territories and treats the people of the ACT and NT as second-class citizens.

“Of course, any legislation on the issue would require extensive community consultation and debate within the Assembly, but at the moment we can’t even have that debate.

“This is an important issue that is deeply personal to many Canberrans and as elected Members of the Assembly it is only fair to the people of Canberra that we are able to debate it on their behalf, and legislate as required,” said Mr Rattenbury.

The petition can be found at .

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