Shane wants your lids off


SHANE Rattenbury has launched the “Recycling – take your lids off!” campaign which will urge residents to take the lids off containers before placing them in the recycling bin.

“Canberrans continue to be among the best recyclers in the country, but there are a few small behavioural changes we can collectively make to be even better,” Shane said.

“Containers such as soft drink bottles, milk bottles and jars that are placed in recycling bins with lids still on them cause sorting issues for the ACT’s Materials Recovery Facility.

“When the lids are left on, the sorting machinery can sometimes incorrectly read a container as being full and redirect it to landfill, rather than sending it to be recycled. Additionally, some containers do not fully compress if the lids are left on, which also presents problems for transportation.”

Shane said this campaign follows on from one late last year that encouraged people not to put their recycling in plastic bags.

“The campaigns aim to promote behavioural change in the recycling habits of Canberra residents and reduce the amount of contamination at the Materials Recovery Facility.

“I encourage all Canberrans to think twice before leaving lids on their recycling. The lids should also be placed in the recycling bin. It is a small behavioural change that will make a big difference.”

Visit for more information on what can and can’t be recycled and other community programs which support recycling in the ACT.

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