Soon you’ll be able to keep using your phone satnav legally

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SHANE Rattenbury says ACT motorists and riders will be able to use their mobile phones’ GPS systems when the phone is mounted correctly while driving and riding.

The GPS function found on most current mobile phones has previously been illegal to use while driving and riding in the ACT, but amendments will now allow motorists and riders to access the function when their device is safely secured.

“A mobile phone can now be used for navigation purposes, provided it is securely mounted to the vehicle. A mobile phone that isn’t mounted can also still be used to make or receive a call, provided it is not being held or touched by the driver or rider,” Shane said.

“The legislation previously allowed a driver to use a standalone GPS device, but not a mobile phone, for navigation purposes.

“Given that most phones now have the capacity to provide GPS or navigational assistance, it makes sense that drivers should be able to use this function in the same way they would use a standard GPS system.

“These changes recognise that a growing number of ACT motorists and riders are using their mobile phones to perform the functions of a standalone GPS device, and will allow them to do so in a manner that is safe.”

The new legislation will align the ACT’s road rules with other Australian jurisdictions, including NSW.

“Drivers and riders need to be aware that it remains illegal to hold a mobile phone while driving, or to use a mobile phone to text, receive or watch a video message, email or to use any other functions of the phone.

“This is dangerous behaviour that compromises your personal safety and the safety of other road users,” said Mr Rattenbury

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