THERE was a touch of the silly season around the Canberra Glassworks last night as former board members, artists, workers and supporters gathered to help celebrate its 8th birthday.

Glass Skywhale by Clare Belfrage
Glass Skywhale by Clare Belfrage

As we have reported elsewhere, immediately preceding the Gala of the Canberra International Music Festival next door at The Fitters’ Workshop was a free performance where artist Sarah Humphrey’s (winner of the 2014 National Student Art Glass prize ) cast a glass violin and cello, ‘A Giocherellare’ was played by musicians Emma Greenhill and Felix Hoffman-Este.

Happy birthday Glassworks
Happy birthday Glassworks

Guests mingled and viewed Jenni Kemarre Martiniello’s impressive glass exhibition ‘ReInventing the Weave’, while also admiring some of the sillier works on show for the festivities, not least a glass cake and a glass impression of the Skywhale cooked up by leading glass artist Clare Belfrage in a wild moment and brought out on show to enhance the fun.

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