Gas prices down, electricity up!

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ACTEWAGL General Manager Ayesha Razzaq says that From July 1 ActewAGL’s natural gas and electricity prices in the ACT will change.

“ActewAGL will reduce its natural gas retail prices in the ACT,” Ayesha said.

“This change will mean a decrease of around $105 a year on the total gas bill for a typical Canberra home who uses 43GJ per year. This includes a full pass through of gas network cost reductions as per the Australian Energy Regulator’s decision on 26 May 2016.

“In addition, the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) has today announced that electricity prices in the ACT will rise. This means an increase of around $100 a year for a typical Canberra home that consumes 8,000 kWh per year. This change is primarily due to an increase in costs incurred by ActewAGL for the purchase of wholesale energy and compliance with the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target scheme.

“For our electricity and gas customers these changes will have a minimal impact. For our customers who have electricity only, we will continue to help them manage their bills through a variety of support programs. These include our free Energy Saving House Calls where customers can save up to $221 per year by moving to more energy efficient products.

“ActewAGL also has a number of flexible payment options to assist our customers. Many customers choose, for example, to have regular, smaller payments deducted from their accounts to manage their household budgets. We can also tailor affordable payment plans for customers who are experiencing difficulty paying their bill.

“In addition to remaining competitive on price, we will continue to deliver value to our customers through our local call centre and strong support for our community.”

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