ACT Election / A week on, here are our elected members

The ACT Legislative Assembly election – final results

 With the completion of the distribution of preferences for the ACT Legislative Assembly election, the Electoral Commissioner, Phil Green, has announced the names of those candidates to be elected to the Assembly to represent Canberra’s five electorates.

000000votingCandidates to be elected, in the order in which they were successful in the count, are:


  • Andrew Wall (Canberra Liberals)
  • Mick Gentleman (ACT Labor)
  • Joy Burch (ACT Labor)
  • Mark Parton (Canberra Liberals)
  • Nicole Lawder (Canberra Liberals)


  • Yvette Berry (ACT Labor)
  • Vicki Dunne (Canberra Liberals)
  • Elizabeth Kikkert (Canberra Liberals)
  • Tara Cheyne (ACT Labor)
  • Gordon Ramsay (ACT Labor)


  • Andrew Barr (ACT Labor)
  • Shane Rattenbury (The Greens)
  • Elizabeth Lee (Canberra Liberals)
  • Steve Doszpot (Canberra Liberals)
  • Rachel Stephen-Smith (ACT Labor)


  • Jeremy Hanson (Canberra Liberals)
  • Bec Cody (ACT Labor)
  • Chris Steel (ACT Labor)
  • Giulia Jones (Canberra Liberals)
  • Caroline Le Couteur (The Greens)


  • Meegan Fitzharris (ACT Labor)
  • Alistair Coe (Canberra Liberals)
  • Michael Pettersson (ACT Labor)
  • Suzanne Orr (ACT Labor)
  • James Milligan (Canberra Liberals)

 It is expected that the declaration of the poll will take place on Wednesday 26 October 2016.


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