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The eco-terrorists in “Kill Climate Deniers”.

The eco-terrorists in “Kill Climate Deniers”.

THE controversial action/hostage drama “Kill Climate Deniers” will be performed at the You Are Here festival, running around the CBD from April 13-17.

It’s about a group of eco-terrorists who take over Parliament House during a Fleetwood Mac concert and threaten to kill all the occupants unless Australia instantly stops all greenhouse gas emissions.

Readers may recall the local political kerfuffle when, as a means to landing a blow on former Arts Minister Joy Burch, opposition arts spokesperson Brendan Smyth raised questions in the Legislative Assembly about the use of taxpayer funding for political arts projects.

Playwright/director David Finnigan prefers to see it as “a drama in the vein of ‘Die Hard’ and ‘White House Down’ with a soundtrack of mostly late-’80s/early-’90s club music.”

To that end, at You Are Here he’s releasing the script as an ebook with an album of original music by Reuben Ingall.

There’ll be a solo performance of the work in which 96 armed eco-terrorists storm Parliament and take the entire government hostage. Before that, in the daytime there’ll be a conversation event at CMAG featuring conservative commentator Mark Fletcher, artist Bernie Slater and facilitated by journo Ginger Gorman asking whether political art is compromised by accepting government funding.

Finnigan says “Kill Climate Deniers” asks just one question: “What would it take to actually stop climate change dead in its tracks?”

Bite the Hand That Feeds You: Taxpayer-Funded Political Art”, at Canberra Museum and Gallery, 2pm, Saturday, April 16. “Kill Climate Deniers”, at The Club, 46 Northbourne Avenue, 10pm, Saturday, April 1. Both events are free.

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