Barr opening up the Murrumbidgee Valley to development

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map of tuggeranong development

ANDREW Barr has announced plans for a new suburb to take shape between the Tuggeranong town centre and the Murrumbidgee River.

“There’s been strong demand for new property in Tuggeranong with a positive reception to the new Southquay development,” Andrew said.

“We’re committed to continuing to provide more housing options close to the town centre. This will in turn breathe new life into Tuggeranong town centre stimulating urban renewal in the area.

“This 190 ha area is some of the best land in Canberra, along the green swathes of the river corridor with views to the Brindabellas. People who make their homes here would be only minutes from central facilities, services and public transport and we really want to hear from the community about how to progress this idea for a new suburb.

“The ACT Government will need to investigate this area further to determine its suitability for development and would, of course, ensure that any development protects the area’s high environmental and heritage values. This development would open the river corridor for more community recreation.

“The land is in a prime location, next to shops, employment and services, so residents living here would be no more than one and a half kilometres from the town centre. This would be a great place to live with a choice of housing, unique recreational opportunities and better community facilities all close to the city’s main transit routes.

Planning Minister Mick Gentleman said he wanted to hear from local people about how they value the area, if it should be developed, and if so what they would like to see in the new suburb.

“During my recent business delegation trip we were able to learn of positive community benefits from integrating development and transport, delivering positive economic uplift and better social planning outcomes. This development has the opportunity to be a prime example of this in practice,” Mick said

“The government would discuss with stakeholders and local residents how best to gain their views, using best-practice community engagement methods to reach deep into Tuggeranong and the wider community.

“If the community wants development, the Land Development Agency will work with the Environment and Planning Directorate to prepare a planning report that will determine the suitability of this area for development.

“This would be the basis for developing a new suburb, and could lead to a Territory Plan Variation with more opportunity for community comment.

“The project and the process of planning, detailed investigations and community engagement are consistent with the Statement of Planning Intent I released in November last year.”

UPDATE: The Greens are expressing concern:

The ACT Greens have expressed concerns about the Government’s proposal to develop land that includes nature reserves in the Tuggeranong Valley.

“We’re very concerned that this proposal includes up to 90 hectares of river corridor and nature reserve,” said ACT Greens Brindabella candidate Michael Mazengarb.

Mr Mazengarb was commenting on a Government proposal to redevelop areas between the Tuggeranong Town Centre and the Murrumbidgee River corridor.

“The Greens do support infill development, but it’s very important that we retain our precious biodiversity and important riparian areas.

“We want to see a balance between development that meets the needs of people and Canberra’s natural environment.

“This is a unique area because it gives Tuggeranong residents an opportunity to use the river corridor, but we need to make sure that our water quality is protected and development doesn’t impact on river.

“The Greens want to ensure that we retain the important environmental values while also making our city more liveable.

“The Greens want to revitalise Tuggeranong. We need to be looking at sensible and responsible development. This is a unique opportunity to build a best-practice sustainable development close to a town centre with diverse housing options. But this shouldn’t be at the expense of our river corridor.”

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