Civic street level vacancies down slightly, but very high

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CANBERRA CBD Limited has released their bi-annual Street Level Activity Statement which focuses on street level vacancies in Civic and Braddon (the survey indicates the number of vacancies rather than the area of vacancies).

“The vacancy remains high at 17 per cent however positively it is a reduction on the 18 per cent recorded in July 2015,” said CEO Jane Easthope.

“As expected City Walk, Petrie Plaza, Baileys and the Sydney Building have the largest number of empty spaces at street level. Also playing a role is the new yet-to-be-leased edges of Braddon influencing the final results.

“The older mid-city precinct continues to underperform which conflicts with the original design intentions. These are the walkways designed for people, but as workers move out from upstairs offices older property isn’t refreshed and the Canberra Centre acts as a magnet. Therefore there will continue to be problems filling street level space” Ms Easthope said.

“It is positive to see the growth in activity in Braddon; Lonsdale Street alone has ten more shops created in the last six months. The eastern part of City Walk has also seen a revival with the Canberra Centre placing shops that face the walkway.

“Human scale streets and short blocks help with pedestrian interactions and the perception of activity. In our city’s heart, we have gaps in the urban fabric creating discontinuity of the pedestrian experience and noticeable reduced activity.

“It is pleasing to see some of the elements of the Government’s City and Gateway Urban Renewal Strategy Discussion Paper that will assist in addressing these issues.

“We are confident that the proposed construction of the plaza linking the Melbourne and Sydney buildings will help trigger change into the pedestrianised spaces in the older parts of Civic – City Walk, Garema Place, Petrie Plaza and the bus interchange.

“Canberrans really do want to see the older, tireder elements of the mid-city precinct fixed up and this is a challenge and partnership for the building owners and government who together direct the future expression of Canberra’s heart and the connectivity of places for people” Ms Easthope said.

You can read the full Street Level Activity Statement at .

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