Climate change strategy: Keep Hydrated

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SIMON Corbell has released for comment a draft strategy to tackle the effects of climate change in the ACT.

“The draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy sets out the anticipated impacts of climate change across the ACT region and identifies actions that can be taken now and further into the future to aid adaptation,” Simon said.

“We know that as the climate changes, we will have more heat waves and more extreme weather, all of which will put pressure on our health and wellbeing.

“We must act to reduce the risks to our community assets and homes by preparing for more frequent and intense fires, storms, droughts and heatwaves. We must also support our native species through continuing monitoring and ongoing adaptive management.

“The adaptation strategy will help Canberra reduce our vulnerability against extreme weather events through disaster preparation and investment in sustainable infrastructure.

“The strategy also focuses on creating more economic diversity in the ACT through innovation and partnerships between sectors.”

The strategy has four key outcomes:

  • Territory-wide resilience against extreme weather events and disaster preparedness.
  • Creating a city for all seasons, with a focus on ‘climate-wise’ buildings and landscapes.
  • Increasing economic diversity and innovation that responds to climate change.
  • Increasing integration across sectors responding to climate change.

“Actions we take now as a government, as a community and as individuals will help our city and region continue to prosper with a healthy environment and excellent liveability, and will allow us to take advantage of the social and economic opportunities proactive action on climate change can offer,” Simon said.

“The ACT Government will continue to play a leading role by securing water resources, preparing emergency responses, helping families reduce their electricity bills, introducing planning strategies to reduce the effects of heat and encouraging private enterprise and individuals to be aware of the things they can do to help themselves and the broader community.

“If Canberra and the region are to adapt to climate change in the best possible way, it’s important that the whole community is on board and is aware of what needs to be done.

“For example, improving the resilience of our own homes and businesses and, on hot days, heeding government messages about keeping hydrated and checking on elderly neighbours.

“I encourage everyone to read the draft Adaptation Strategy and have your say online, at libraries or in person at community forums.

See the draft strategy, find out where information sessions will be held and how to comment at

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