Fluffy bill to leave ACT taxpayers half a billion in the hole

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fluffy demolition

ACT Auditor?General Dr Maxine Cooper has presented a performance audit report on the Management of the financial arrangements for the delivery of the Loose?fill Asbestos (Mr Fluffy) Insulation Eradication Scheme.

“There has been effective planning for and management of the financial arrangements for the implementation of the Loose?fill Asbestos (Mr Fluffy) lsulation Eradication Scheme,” Maxine said.

“The estimated $1 billion outlay is equivalent to 10 per cent of the ACT Government’s annual budget. Current financial modelling indicates that between $300?$500 million of the cost will not be recouped from sales.

“The audit report documents the history of loose?fill asbestos insulation in housing in the ACT. This provides the context for the audit which relates to a most unusual situation, Canberra’s Mr Fluffy, which has had such a profound impact on many Canberrans.

“This is the first of several audits on the Loose fill Asbestos lsulation Eradication Scheme. The next audit is likely to focus on the the Asbestos Response Taskforce’s management of the personal support, buy?back and demolition phases of the Scheme. An important part of this will be the Asbestos Response Taskforce’s engagement with affected parties,” said Dr Cooper.

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