Gary Byles moves on from TAMS

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MEEGAN Fitzharris has thanked Gary Byles for his almost seven years of service as the Director-General of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) and said he has helped to make Canberra a better place.

“On behalf of the ACT Government I would like to thank Gary Byles for his work in one of our most important service areas,” Meegan said.

“The people of Canberra are touched every day by the work our TAMS staff do, which includes many diverse services including ACTION buses, roads and traffic management, garbage collection and recycling, parks, playgrounds and our libraries.

“His leadership has helped keep our city ticking and his commitment and leadership to serve the Canberra community has been first rate. I would like to personally thank him for the advice and guidance he has given me since I became minister, and I know this is reiterated by previous ministers.

“Gary has had a notable career and before joining the ACT Government he was a highly ranked member of the Australian Army before joining the NSW Sheriff’s Office. His legacy is one of distinguished service – to the people of Canberra and Australia.

“As a leader in the TAMS portfolio, Gary has overseen some great changes around Canberra, including the development of many major and minor infrastructure projects, and innovations in our municipal services delivery such as the popular Fix My Street website. Gary was always the first to tune into Canberra’s fortnightly institution Chief Minister Talkback on ABC 666, and would personally follow up on many calls from people concerned about local issues.

“Gary is a well-respected and trusted leader of the TAMS team, and it’s clear that during his tenure he grew to be passionate about Canberra and ensuring our city runs smoothly.

“Gary will leave a legacy that he can be proud of at TAMS, and I wish him well in his retirement and return to Sydney,” said Minister Fitzharris.

Mr Byles joined the ACT Government in 2007. His retirement takes effect on 29 April 2016. A decision as to his replacement will be made in due course.


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