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jeremy hanson

JEREMY Hanson says today’s ACT Budget demonstrates there will be a clear choice at the ACT Election.

“Andrew Barr’s ACT Labor/Greens Coalition which will continue to drive up cost of living and neglect local services as it spends $1.65 billion on light rail; or the Canberra Liberals who will stop light rail and invest in health, education and better local services for all of Canberra,” Jeremy said.

“This budget is bad news for Canberrans. Rates and other fees and charges will continue to increase, making Canberra a more expensive place to live for families, the elderly, younger people trying to make a start as well as small businesses. He doesn’t understand the pressure on our community and he’s failing to address it,” Mr Hanson said.

“The Budget shows debt will rise to nearly $3 billion in 2018-19 while faster increases in rates for units have been flagged over the next few years.

“Furthermore, this Budget shows the take from:

  • Residential rates up 5%
  • Commercial rates up 10%
  • Land tax up 11%
  • Motor vehicle registration and transfers up 11%
  • Utilities tax up 9%
  • Drivers’ licences up 4%
  • Parking fees up 22%
  • Parking fines up 24%
  • Traffic infringement fines up 24%

“Canberra’s health system is struggling while schools are full. The government will spend $1.65 billion on light rail that won’t deliver anything for the vast majority of Canberrans, but will continue to tax more and more and more.

“Andrew Barr isn’t delivering what Canberrans actually need and want. It is a budget that is all about a tram and nothing about people,” Mr Hanson concluded.

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