Jeremy has views about Shane’s investment properties

monopoly houses

JEREMY Hanson says revelations that Shane Rattenbury owns negatively geared properties on the light rail corridor smacks of complete hypocrisy and demonstrates how he’ll just say one thing and do another for his own personal gain.

“Mr Rattenbury’s own Greens Party is opposed to negative gearing and he has spoken out against negative gearing, yet here he is deliberately profiteering from that policy. It’s disgraceful and it shows who he really is,” Jeremy said.

“Furthermore, the fact that the properties are on the light rail corridor, a project of which he is a major political proponent, raises further questions about a major conflict of interest.

“Mr Rattenbury is deeply conflicted and he needs to explain to the Greens as well as Canberrans who voted for him, how he will reconcile his profiteering from a policy the Greens oppose.

“Today’s revelations demonstrate how Shane Rattenbury will say one thing and do another. It’s complete hypocrisy and now on display for all Canberrans to see.”

[Photo by woodleywonderworks, attribution licence]

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