Lollipop people to guard Canberra’s crossings if Labor gets four more years


ANDREW Barr says lollipop officers at our busiest school crossings will be one of the features introduced by a re-elected Labor Government to ensure the roads around our schools are safe.

“Labor knows that school drop off and pick up times are busy and that’s why we are investing in making them easier, safer and less stressful for parents, kids and school staff,” Andrew said.

“The school road safety plan also includes new infrastructure, with bigger and better signage, dragon’s teeth, dedicated school crossings and traffic islands.

“An ACT Labor government will always ensure our education sector has the funding and facilities it needs, that includes making the journey to and from school as easy and safe possible. And Labor wants to give parents confidence that if it suits their family kids can walk or cycle safely to school. We will provide alternative drop off and pick up points close to schools to ease the burden on schools car parks. This is what the Active Streets for Kids program, which Labor will expand to another 50 schools if re-elected, is all about. Lollipop people will complement this innovative program.

“The investment of $5 million dollars over four years will focus on the 20 schools identified as having the highest need.

“Work to identify the schools will begin this year. The relevant government departments will then work with the individual school communities to design the best safety package for them.

“The crossing supervisor – or lollipop person – will be in place by the time children return to school after the 2017 winter break with improvements to crossings also well underway.

“In mid-2015 Labor announced a set of measures to improve road safety around schools including: a police blitz on dangerous speeding and parking around ACT schools, increased use of higher profile road markings to alert drivers that they are entering a slower speed zone and a review of road signage in school zones across the ACT. Labor also introduced the schools transport coordinator this year to help address school safety.”

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