Police disappointed by Canberran’s lead-footed ways


ACT Policing’s Officer in Charge of Traffic Operations, Station Sergeant Susan Ball has today spoken of the need for Canberra drivers to slow down and be more patient on the roads.

Following four tragic fatalities on our roads during December, ACT Policing have issued several infringements for excessive speeding during the double demerit period.

On Sunday, December 27, two motorcycle riders were detected by police travelling in excess of 200km/h in a south bound direction along the Majura Parkway. The two riders will be summonsed for speeding offences.

Four days later, a 25 year old international student was stopped on the same stretch of road after being detected travelling at 132km/h. The driver was issued with a $674 fine and incurred 8 demerit points.

Acting Superintendent Matt Craft said at the time that this type of behaviour is reckless and unnecessarily puts lives at risk.

With double demerit penalties in place for speeding, seatbelt and mobile phone offences, ACT Policing are disappointed that the message still isn’t getting through.

Additional excessive speeding fines include:

  • A $674.00 fine and 8 demerit points to a 36 year old provisional driver travelling at 120km/h in an 80km/h zone in Belconnen.
  • A $352 fine with 6 demerit points to a 29 year old female driving at 110km/h in an 80km/h.
  • An $1800 fine and 12 demerit points were issued to a 19 year old learner motorcyclist who was caught by police travelling at 148km/h in a 90 km/h zone on the Monaro Highway. The same learner driver was also stopped 2 days later after police estimated the motorcycle travelling at speeds up to 157km/h in an 80km/h zone.

Acting Station Sergeant Stephen Booth said “Driving at these speeds is just crazy. There are always kangaroos and wildlife wandering onto our roads at these times, not to mention other vehicles and road users. At those speeds you aren’t going to have time to react to something jumping out of the darkness in front of you. If you crash your car, or worse a motorcycle, at 157km/h it’s all over. You’re not walking away from that.”

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