Coe won’t cop the LDA ‘deckchair’ solution

OPPOSITION Leader Alistair Coe says the Liberals won’t cop the Chief Minister’s Land Development Agency carve up.

Opposition Leader Alistair Coe.

“Andrew Barr’s attempt to resolve systemic and controversial issues rife within the Land Development Agency by splicing it into two separate authorities is a mere rebranding exercise with little substance,” he says.

“The Canberra Liberals will oppose the move unless serious transparency, integrity and accountability measures are implemented.”

The City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Bill 2017 creates two governing bodies set to replace the Land Development Agency; the City Renewal Authority and the Suburban Land Agency.

“The Bill fails to address the recommendations made by the Auditor- General and other entities to strengthen transparency, integrity and accountability,” Coe says.

“Some recommendations that were disregarded included; identifying and documenting the purpose of land acquisitions, relying on formal independent valuations, providing authority boards with information prior to acquisitions and documenting the reasons for the cost of acquisitions.

“This Bill is a superficial and weak attempt to address systemic and potentially corrupt problems with the LDA’s management.

“The Chief Minister has treated the Auditor-General’s recommendations with contempt by simply rebranding the LDA instead of resolving issues.”


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