Welsh / Just Jill seeks justice for ‘extremist’ photo slur

A LOCAL woman described as “just a public servant in Canberra” has called in lawyers believing she’s been labelled an “extremist”.

Mike Welsh

Mike Welsh.

Jill Moran says she “felt sick to the stomach” after viewing her photo next to an article on the Coalition for Marriage website.

Phil Johnston, from lawyers Slater and Gordon, who is representing Ms Moran pro bono, says: “The allegations of violent protesting, of bullying and intimidation with regards to Jill are just patently false”. Johnston says Ms Moran’s photo was taken at a peaceful rally and her behaviour has been “misrepresented”.

HOW black does a black spot have to be? Peak-hour motorists using Kingsford-Smith Drive (between Belconnen Way and Southern Cross Drive) who frequently witness multi-vehicle crashes and daily near-misses could be forgiven for wondering when the area would be considered for the program.

The process for nominating Black Spot locations is embedded with evasive caveats that may discourage members of the public from making submissions.

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website explains: “Sites which fail to meet eligibility criteria with regard to crash history or are not supported by a road safety audit, cannot be considered.”

STILL on colours. Mercifully, the noisy chorus of “yellow and black” has faded to a dull roar since last week’s Richmond Tigers AFL Premiership. But some local fans seem determined to squeeze the last drop of colour from the drought-breaking win. Two large gum trees outside a Torrens home still proudly wear the gold and black streamers, suggesting the homeowners are anticipating a long, dry, dusty stretch “between drinks”.

ACCORDING to a national magpie swoop alert website (magpiealert.com), Canberrans are seriously under attack. The site reveals we have a swoop rate of 15.1 per cent, up from 7.3 per cent last season.

On the website, an Amaroo cyclist reports: “Flew at me, squawking like crazy. This bird is smarter, grabbing on to my jersey to peck at my cheek.”

A pedestrian pushing a child in a pusher at Jacka says: “Magpie attacked my four-year-old on the scooter.”

And from a Richardson resident: “Swooped by my ear. Loud crack as it snapped its wings, rendering hearing loss for an hour.”

MEANTIME, Canberra postie John Kanard has revealed his secret to soothing the savage, swooping magpie. The Australia Post employee and part-time “magpie whisperer” has made peace with the magpies on his round by feeding them muesli bars.

Schooled in the art of ornithology as a youngster, Kanard says it’s simply a matter of gaining the bird’s trust. “Feed them when it’s not springtime and when spring comes along they come up and say hello expecting to be fed,” he says.

Deputy ACT Opposition Leader Nicole Lawder has been galvanised into action in the aftermath of the Las Vegas gun tragedy. The member for Brindabella, while “dismayed by former PM John Howard’s comments about marriage equality”, says the man – whom she credits for her political career – has “left a lasting legacy on our community for his actions on gun control”.

Posting on Facebook the Liberal MLA said: “It’s been hard for me to sit back and say nothing in the wake of yet more unspeakable gun violence in the US, even though I have been criticised in the past for speaking up after similar tragedies – criticised as another politician is scoring cheap points on the back of a tragedy”.

WITH the footy season dusted (Tiger fans excepted) Canberra’s cricketers have dragged out the whites for another season and it would appear – in the veterans’ category – “stumps” appears to be a long way off. This season there are more players over 70 participating in Canberra cricket. And in November, the Veterans Cricket ACT will host more than 30 teams for the national over 60s carnival with former test captain Graham Yallop (Victoria) and Ewen Chatfield (NZ) coming to the capital.

AND on national security issues this well known Page “resident” may give the new facial recognition technology a run for its money!

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