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  1. Coco digs up an unusual and ‘confusing’ grave site

FEBRUARY: All eyes were on ANU anthropology student Coco James earlier this year, after she unearthed a “confusing” grave burial in a Transylvanian cemetery. The unusual site helped provide evidence for the first official written history of the Székely people.

  1. Canberra’s chaotic string of attacks in the south

JULY: Canberra’s south has seen its share of crime in the past year but this was especially evident on Monday, July 17, when a number of robberies and other chaotic attacks occurred in the timeframe of two hours.

  1. Telephone scam: say ‘yes’ and you’re gone

MARCH: Many had their guard up in March after Canberrans were warned of a telephone scam, set to hit Australia from the US, where scammers were recording people saying “yes” to make it sound like the person had authorised a major purchase.

  1. Bin collection days change for six suburbs

SEPTEMBER: Due to population growth across some areas of the ACT, bin collection days were changed for six suburbs; Ainslie, Hackett, Gungahlin, Lyons, Yarralumla and Richardson.

  1. Parents lose power to ‘rainbow ideology’

MARCH: An opinion piece by Nick Jensen, which was critical about the Safe Schools program, had many “CityNews” readers bursting for a discussion in the comments section.

The best of…

Michael Moore

Here are political commentator MICHAEL MOORE’s top three columns:

  1. How the bosses ‘game’ works

MARCH: Michael Moore came up with a solution to catch the 77 individuals, identified by the Australian Tax Office in 2015, who earned over $1 million and paid NO tax. How? Apply a “floor level” for high-income earners, he said.  

  1. E-cigarettes, they’re here to help!

SEPTEMBER: After electronic cigarettes were marketed as a tool to assist quitting, Michael Moore questioned the truth behind the campaign. He found that although true for a tiny minority, the evidence is incredibly thin to support such claims.

  1. Barr says no to helping boy attacked by dog

JULY: Even though the court decided the ACT government had no legal obligation to pay an ex-gratia payment of $200,000 after a boy was viciously attacked by two dogs in 2010, Michael Moore said the Chief Minister had a moral one. The court heard that, at six, Jack was attacked to such an extent that he spent more than six weeks in hospital, lost 13 teeth and had to have 17 medical procedures including a skin graft to his head.

Jon Stanhope

Here are columnist JON STANHOPE’s top three columns:

  1. Minister’s blunt cuts hurt vulnerable people

MARCH: Stanhope criticised the ACT government after Minister for Community and Disability Services, Rachel Stephen-Smith announced it would stop funding SHOUT Inc (Self Help Organisations United Together), by May 31.

  1. Lumpy irony of Labor and the pokie shares

JUNE: There was irony during Budget estimates after ACT Greens Caroline Le Couteur said the government shouldn’t invest in companies that manufacture poker machines. A government that, through its administrative arm, is one of the largest owners and operators of poker machines in Australia.

  1. Labor’s indigenous boast comes unstuck

MAY: The local Aboriginal community responded in anger and frustration after the ACT government betrayed a long-standing commitment to meet the needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community with a focused and specialised drug and alcohol rehabilitation service.

Top of the arts

Here are the year’s best-read arts stories:

  1. Mel George wins inaugural NIDA Fellowship

JANUARY: Canberra glass artist Mel George won the National Institute of Dramatic Art Indigenous Fellowship for Cultural Leadership as part of a grant from the Luminis Foundation.

  1. Gauging the temperature of the nation: The Bald Archies

FEBRUARY: The satirical Bald Archy prize exhibition, in its 24th year saw a return of one of its former superstars – Pauline Hanson, who was depicted in one painting as a phoenix rising.

  1. ANU School of Music appoints new open school convenor

FEBRUARY: Leading ACT music educator Kevin Knapp was appointed the new open school convenor for the Australian National University.

Top reviews

Here are the three top-read arts reviews:

  1. ‘Les Mis’ misses the emotions

APRIL: “CityNews” reviewer Bill Stephens, who saw Free Rain Theatre’s production of “Les Miserables” at the beginning of its season, thought it lacked emotion and hoped it improved as the season progressed.

  1. ‘Chicago’ comes through tight and classy

MARCH: Director Jim McMullen and his inventive creative team cleverly combined to produce an excellent and highly entertaining production of “Chicago”, according to Ian McLean.

  1. Strictly outstanding, Philo dances to success

OCTOBER: Reviewer Bill Stephens declared that love was certainly in the air when the Canberra Philharmonic Society presented the first non-professional production of “Baz Luhmann’s Strictly Ballroom – The Musical”. Joel Hutchings gave a plucky performance as Todd Hastings, along the way executing some truly impressive moves, especially in the cleverly choreographed solo in Act 1.

Social events of the year

Here are the three most-looked at social events:

  1. APRIL: The ACT Young Lawyers-Young Professionals Ball, at the National Gallery.
  2. MARCH: An evening with Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, at the Portrait Gallery.
  3. MARCH: The Black Opal race day, at Thoroughbred Park.



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