Anti-coal protesters scale Parliament flagpoles

Activists scale Parliament House flagpoles in protest. Photo by Sean Davey, Greenpeace Australia Pacific

EARLY this morning (September 10) protesters from Greenpeace Australia Pacific scaled flagpoles at the front of Parliament House and hung an anti-coal banner. 

The banner read, “get your hand off it” and pictured an image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison holding a piece of coal.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific said they wanted to let Mr Morrison know how they felt about his cosiness with the coal industry.

“Our billboards are funded by everyday people who’ve had enough of our leaders caving to the coal lobby and failing to act on climate change,” said Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

One of the protesters, Daniel, said they were because there’s been a failure of any climate leadership for more than a decade.

“There has been no solid policies go through and we’ve been left in the midst of drought with mid winter bush fires and having to breathe horrible coal smoke,” he said.

“It’s really sad because [an] overwhelmingly majority of Australians want to see renewables.”

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