Letters / ‘Insane’ bus service to Crace

THE new Crace bus service has no direct bus to the city, which is absolutely insane as residents have to change multiple times to get there.

Route 54 must pass through the Barton Highway and go to Fyshwick via the city. Route 250 must pass through Crace before going from Gungahlin to Belconnen.

The ACT Transport Minister must be sacked immediately for her constant blunders and putting residents through severe inconvenience, and replaced with someone who cares.

Kelly Robertson, via email

Confused by housing labels

RECENTLY, we had a brochure dropped in our letterbox about the development of Lawson Two.

There appear to be 940 dwellings to be crammed into this second part of Lawson. They consist of “affordable”, “public”, and “community” housing.

Then I read an article by Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur in which she states that there is insufficient “social” housing in the ACT.

Would someone please explain the differences to me; does “affordable” housing mean the quality is not as good as other types of housing?  

As Lawson One has many “dwellings” that are contenders for future slums, I don’t look forward to the second stage being developed.

Jan Kicenko, via email

Sniggering tradesmen

RENDALL Wagner (Letters, CN, August 2) is only partly correct in his comments on women in the trades.

Until there is a critical mass of female tradespeople, many women will continue to find male-dominated trades workplaces less than congenial.

Having attended a Worksafe training day some years ago, as an archaeological consultant, and having most of my comments sniggered at by tradesmen less than half my age, I can sympathise with women’s continuing reluctance to enter the trades.

Patricia Saunders, via email

Grumpy about dogs, too

I AGREE with grumpy from Curtin (“Unhappy in Yappy Street”, CN, July 26) that other people’s dogs are a nuisance.

Every night the two dogs next door to me, and some from down the street, howl and make such a noise and will not calm down.

On Sunday I had a friend over for lunch and when she left I found an unexpected present on my driveway, compliments of an unknown dog. If the dog was accompanied, I hope that another dog leaves you this sort of present on your driveway.

Canberra is a lovely, clean city and this sort of occurrence should not happen.

Sue Randall, Charnwood

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