Letters / No, Cedric, glyphosate is safe

CEDRIC Bryant’s recent letter (CN, October 31) contains a number of factual errors that need to be corrected.

Not one country around the world has a ban on the use of glyphosate.

Nor is glyphosate under review by the World Health Organization. In fact, three branches of the WHO are on record stating glyphosate presents neither a cancer nor human health risk.

Australia’s regulator, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, recently examined glyphosate and found there were no grounds for its approved uses to be reconsidered. Similarly, every independent, science based regulatory agency globally (including; Germany, NZ, Canada, the US and the EU) has comprehensively evaluated glyphosate and found it safe to use in accordance with label directions.

While many Australian councils have considered the ongoing use of glyphosate to control weeds, the conclusions of scientifically competent regulators globally should give them (and the broader community, including home gardeners) confidence that glyphosate is safe.

Matthew Cossey, CEO CropLife Australia, Barton

Cross word for the crossword

WHILST I enjoy your crosswords that sometimes challenge me, I must draw your attention to the November 1 crossword and an inaccuracy.

Clue: Near which NSW Central Coast town is the Reptile Park?

Answer: Somersby not Wyoming.

History: First founded by Eric Worrell in 1948 and known as Ocean Beach Aquarium at Umina Beach. In 1959 it was renamed the Australian Reptile Park and moved to Wyoming. In 1996 it moved to Somersby adjacent to Old Sydney Town (which opened in 1975 and closed in 2003) where it remains today.

Kerry Bryant, via email

(Thank you, Kerry. We stand corrected – ed)

Money should be for veterans

PERHAPS the War Memorial’s director Brendan Nelson (“Seven Days”, November 1) could explain to the families of past and current war veterans, who still suffer from the experience of fighting wars, why $500 million should be spent to expand a monument, rather than help and support veterans who need and deserve our help now, not in the future? An increase of bricks and mortar to the War Memorial at this time is not a practical way to help veterans who deserve and need our help today.

A Crowe, via email

Save Anzac Hall

HOW moving it was to experience the atmosphere at our War Memorial on Saturday night. Crowds of people respectfully filed through Anzac Hall. This award-winning Hall was built only 17 years ago and has become a very special place for remembrance and respect. Its planned demolition is unbelievable.

Penny Lilley, via email

Keep it up, columnists!

YOUR columnists do a fine job of attracting attention to your magazine. I always read Peter Costigan and Michael Moore who often put this arrogant and out-of-touch ACT Chief Minister and the ACT government on the rack. Keep up the good work!

Adrian Aylott, via email

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