Letters / They’re ‘poisoning’ the bush capital

MAYBE it’s time the people of Canberra threw out the out-of-date Labor/Greens government.

The current Labor/Greens government is systematically ruining and poisoning this beautiful city of ours. The rates keep going up and they keep spending on things that are unimportant or unnecessary. They have ruined Northbourne Avenue and will do the same elsewhere when the light rail gets extended.

Yet essential things are not getting funded, they are cutting out bus routes and bus stops making children, the disabled and the elderly walk long distances. But it’s not surprising; Chief Minister Andrew Barr said publicly that he was not interested in the views of the over 40s so why should he care if they have to walk a longer distance to catch a bus? The Labor/Greens don’t care about the businesses in Gungahlin. Meegan Fitzharris said: “While construction impacts on local business, there is light at the end of the tunnel”. Yet people are losing their livelihood right now.

The Labor/Greens are also eliminating all the green space in Canberra and cutting down all the trees on the light rail route that will also have an impact on our health, not just physically but psychologically. I believe it’s time for a change.

Let’s face it, any government would have to be better than what we have poisoning what was the bush capital and making it into a concrete jungle.

Vi Evans via email

An ‘affordable’ definition

RE letter writer Jan Kicenko’s confusion about housing labels (CN, August 8): “affordable housing” is simply housing built to be leased out by an agency such as CHC Affordable Housing where the properties are leased out at about 75 per cent of the market rate. This is supported by incentives from the Federal government in the form of the National Rental Affordability Scheme and other incentives from state governments.

The ACT government is working with developers to release affordable housing packages where tenants are basically paying rent to eventually own the property. I cannot find any information for individual landlords to enter existing properties into the scheme, so I am a little concerned that this is a stitch up between Labor and their developer mates.

You can find out more through Access Canberra on 132281, via email at affordablehousing@act.gov.au or search for that term for the option to register interest in an affordable home on the Canberra Connect or ACT government website.

Alex Satrapa, via email

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