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Felix the Cat

IT’s raining cats and dogs in the air conditioned Arc cinema at the National Film and Sound Archive in a seven-day marathon of feline and canine movies.

According to the RSPCA, Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with about 62 per cent of Australian households owning more than 24 million pets.

But, the NFSA asks, are you a cat or a dog person? Or perhaps a bit of both?

Dogs, the RSPCA are the most common pet, with 38 cent of households owning a dog. Cats are the second most common, with 29 per cent of households owning a cat.

Either way, the archive says, Canberrans can watch the fur fly as it explores the onscreen lives of cats and canines, kitties and pups running through until Sunday January 13, with ‘Cool Cat Matinees’ at 10am each morning and ‘Dog Day Afternoons’ at 2pm.

A still from ‘Red Dog.’

They’re all big hits. The feline front is represented by a lion cub who just can’t wait to be king, and a wise-cracking cat who hates Mondays.

Canine lovers will view 101 puppies caught in a deadly fashion emergency,  and a kelpie who brought together a mining community in outback Australia.

All will surely warm to Felix the Cat, and a documentary about the kitties who roam the streets of Istanbul freely.

‘Dogs vs. Cats,’ National Film and Sound Archive until January 13, All sessions are $10. Bookings to or tickets at the door.

The program is as follows:

Wednesday 9 January – ‘Garfield’ at 10am & ‘Bolt’ at 2pm;

Thursday 10 January – ‘The Cat Returns’ at 10am & ‘Isle of Dogs’ at 2pm;

Friday 11 January – ‘The Aristocats’ at 10am & ‘101 Dalmatians’ (1996 live action version) at 2pm;

Saturday 12 January – ‘The Lion King’ at 10am & Best of ‘Top Dog’ Film Festival at 2pm; and

Sunday 13 January – ‘Kedi’ at 10am & ‘Oddball’ at 2pm.

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