‘Bad-choice’ Canberra driver bagged in Boorowa

A 68-year-old Canberra man has been singled out as one of the drivers making “extraordinarily bad choices” on NSW roads over the annual Safe Arrival operation that began at 12.01am on Friday, December 21 and ended at 11.59pm yesterday (January 1).

At 8.25am yesterday the ACT man was stopped on Lachlan Valley Way at Boorowa for a random breath test. The roadside test showed positive and a subsequent breath analysis returned a reading of 0.081. The man was charged by way of Court Attendance Notice for having a mid-range PCA and his licence was suspended. He will appear at Yass Local Court on February 15.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy of the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command, said a highly-visible police presence in country areas was key to fewer lives being lost on NSW roads over the holiday period with seven people losing their lives on NSW roads, 21 fewer than the same time last year.

He said highway patrol officers worked closely with local general duties police to maintain a presence on feeder roads to major rural routes such as the Hume, Sturt, Newell, Princes and Pacific highways.

He said police were disturbed about the number of young male provisional licence holders detected travelling more than 45km/h above the speed limit during Safe Arrival.

“Some of the decisions made by drivers in NSW have left even the most seasoned highway patrol officers flabbergasted,” he said.

“We had situations where inexperienced drivers were detected at almost double the speed limit, others where infants were not properly restrained – what does it take to get the message through?”
Key statistics (Cumulative total – started on 21 December 2018):
Total infringements issued (not speeding): 20,238
Restraint infringements: 1636
Speed infringements: 11,812
Breath tests: 541,059
Drink-driving charges: 759
Lives lost: 7

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