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EXPERTS around Canberra and its surrounding region have shared some exciting stories through the pages of “CityNews” this year; so exciting, they’ve decided to share them again.

Here’s what they have to offer, one more time…

Alison reveals Dickson’s best meeting spot

LOCATED in walking distance from Dickson shops and only a five-minute drive to Civic is Canberra’s own south of France, says Alison Knell, who is the director of Canberra Parklands Central Apartment Hotel.

The south-of-France-inspired hotel opened in 2003 and now Alison is sharing Dickson’s best-kept secret to visitors coming to the area and to locals needing a conference space.

For visitors, the apartment suites, all equipped with kitchens, include studio apartments as well as one, two and three-bedroom apartments.

“The bedrooms are all modern and spacious and visitors have access to a huge, heated, indoor swimming pool and a gym,” she says.

“We also offer conference and meeting facilities too, which have accommodation and catering package options.

“And because of all the room configurations we have great, flexible options, which would be ideal for sporting groups or travelling groups.

“For people considering holding a conference or meeting here, they’re welcome to come and have a look beforehand.”

Alison says other great features are the hotel’s free street and free secured parking.

“You can park buses, cars and even horse floats for people heading to Thoroughbred Park,” she says.

“It’s a very peaceful and quiet spot just opposite the parklands and back from Northbourne Avenue.”

Canberra Parklands Central Apartment Hotel, 6 Hawdon Place, Dickson. Call 6262 7000, email reservations@canberraparklandscentral.com.au or visit canberraparklandscentral.com.au

Owner of Colleen’s Lingerie and Swimwear - Gillian Horton.
Owner of Colleen’s Lingerie and Swimwear – Gillian Horton.

Lingerie store helps women make the right foundation decisions

SINCE opening more than 20 years ago, Colleen’s Lingerie and Swimwear in Garran has evolved and now specialises in bra sizes and styles that are hard to find.

Originally Colleen’s Lingerie and Swimwear was established to help women who have had breast cancer surgery with its post-surgery bras.

Gillian Horton, a former customer after having surgery herself for breast cancer, took over the store in 2014.  

“What women don’t know is that anybody can come in and be fitted,” she says.

“We’re finding that women who have difficulty finding bras that fit well can come and get fitted.

“We cater for large cups, large backs, small cups and front closing bras.

“If you’re actually fitted in the right bra size then you’ll be more comfortable. “The right bra will give you the right foundation.”

But Gillian says Colleen’s Lingerie and Swimwear doesn’t just sell bras and has other items such as underwear and swimwear.

In the past 20 years Gillian says the choices have increased and there are now different types of bras for all occasions.

“We also have very spacious fitting rooms to make women feel comfortable when they come in,” she says.

“And we make sure they receive an excellent customer service. Our focus is the customer.”

Colleen’s Lingerie and Swimwear, Shop 6, 22 Garran Place, Garran. Call 6285 1311 or visit colleens.com.au

Working finance for any working equipment

WITH all the end of financial year sales, Oatram 

Finance and Leasing director Andrew Barmin says now’s the best time to get working finance

 for any working equipment.

Lots of dealers have end-of-financial-year sales and having pre-approved finance enables you to be able to negotiate strongly on the best deal,” he says.

Whether it’s new or used, from a private sale or a dealer, the family-run business can help.

For about 35 years, Oatram Finance and Leasing has been specialist brokers in finance and leasing for working equipment such as trucks, earth-moving equipment, forestry equipment and recycling equipment.

“We help everyone get excellent rates, from large well-known companies to individuals,” Andrew says.

“We have a wide variety of lenders where we’re able to obtain finance from.

“We’re able to do older equipment as well as new and know how to handle private sales.”

But it doesn’t stop there according to Andrew, who says they can find gear for people short on time, too.

As Oatram Finance and Leasing is independent, Andrew says they’re able to give their clients options.

“They can negotiate a better price with pre-approved funds or we can negotiate rates on their behalf,” he says.

“We offer finance on second-hand vehicles over 10 years old and, say you want an engine rebuild on a truck, we will have a lender who can handle that.”

And, Andrew says it all comes with an excellent service from people such as himself and his dad, who are happy to travel to clients at a time that suits them.

Oatram Finance and Leasing, Shop 1, 78 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan. Call 6297 8588, email admin@oatram.com.au or visit oatram.com.au

Lew and Rosslyn Rebbeck of Alexander's Furnishings.
Lew and Rosslyn Rebbeck of Alexander’s Furnishings.

Think lined curtains when it comes to insulation

WITH winter on its way, the owner of Alexanders Furnishings, Rosslyn Rebbeck, says the most energy efficient method, when it comes to decorating and insulating a home, is to install well-lined curtains with a pelmet covering the top.

“Double glazing is not the answer,” she says.

Rosslyn says they have a curtain heading system which is a lot more effective and has a good rapport with the energy rating people.

“Over the last few years Alexanders has been developing a new curtain heading system called ‘EVO’,” she says.

“This new heading system allows the curtains to stack back far more efficiently than previously available heading types, allowing more valuable winter sunlight in.

“Together with the new ‘EVO’ heading system we have developed new track sections that incorporate a sleek and slim-lined pelmet system which does not require the traditional bulky timber pelmet over the top of your curtains.”

Alexanders Furnishings has been servicing Canberra and its surrounds for about 50 years and Rosslyn says they look forward to welcoming new and old customers to its showroom on Hindmarsh Drive.

“We also custom make roller blinds, roman blinds, bonded fabric blinds, honeycomb blinds, venetian blinds and sunscreen roller blinds,” she says.

“There are many different finishes and colours to choose from as well.”

Alexanders Furnishings, Shop 5, Paul’s Centre, Hindmarsh Drive, Phillip. Call 6281 1611.

Now’s a great time to double glaze

NOW is a great time to insulate the home by double glazing the windows, says the sales manager of TwinGlaze, Melanie Hugg.

“Thirty per cent of your home’s wall space is windows and doors. By double glazing you will make your home much warmer in winter, cooler in summer and reduce noise,” she says.

TwinGlaze is a recently launched Canberra-based business and provides an affordable double glazing option that fits into your existing window frames, says Melanie.

“There’s no construction and no mess. We work with your windows, by removing the glass and leaving the frames in place, so the installation of new TwinGlaze windows is quick and easy.

“Our clients say they have had a reduction in their energy bills of up to 40 per cent! They say their home feels more quiet and comfortable,” says Melanie.

Call TwinGlaze on 6190 1011 or email canberra@twinglaze.com.au

Domestic lifts keep seniors from moving

PERSONAL Home Lifts Canberra was formed late last year to deliver high-quality, high-safety, domestic electric lifts to the region, says a spokesman of Personal Home Lifts Canberra.

“We intend to cater to all walks of life in the supply and installation of domestic home lifts to homes,” says the spokesman.

“We have done this in response to many comments passed from those citizens who love their double-storey homes and neighbourhood.”

He says some have lived in the same home for many years and prefer not to downsize or move away.

“In other circumstances ill health or injury makes an internal domestic lift a cost-effective method for mobility,” he says.

Personal Home Lifts Canberra offers two models. “Elegance” is for one to two people with a 170-kilogram lift, while the “Elegance Plus” caters for a wheelchair and carer, holding 240 kilograms.

“Designed purely for the domestic market these lifts only take one to two days to install and as they are a self-supporting domestic structure, they need no formal or costly plan,” he says.

“Quite unlike a stairwell chair lift these units are quicker, cleaner and safer than anything currently offered on the market.

“Packed with numerous safety features as well as remote controls these lifts will become a must-have for double-storey homes.”

Personal Home Lifts Canberra. Call 6147 5566 or email hello@personalhomelifts.com.au

David has some ideas for the light rail commute

NOW the light rail is up and running, David Cook of Cookies Cycles says they have a large range of scooters and bikes that can help passengers get to and from the stops.

“They’re easy to take on and off the light rail and people can ride them to the station from home and then from the station to the office,” he says.

“We’re having a clearance sale for all of June, with discounts storewide on Cookies Cycles products but not Canberra Electric Bike products,” he says.

“It’s going to be up to 50 per cent off parts and accessories and up to 20 per cent off bikes.”

When it comes to scooters, David says he has Canberra’s largest range of street and park scooters.

“People are welcome to come in and go through all the options for adult and kids’ scooters, and give them a test drive,” he says.

Next door to Cookies Cycles is a second division of the shop titled Canberra Electric Bikes, which David says is Canberra’s largest range of electric bikes to choose from.

Cookies Cycles, 227 Flemington Road, Franklin. Call 6242 0338, email shop@cookiescycles.com.au or visit cookiescycles.com.au

Nathan’s always ready to talk property

SINCE starting in real estate 22 years ago the director of Property Entourage, Nathan Giannasca, has always had a passion for the industry.

He established Property Entourage four years ago and prides it on being accessible, diligent and reliable to all landlords and tenants.

“I have found there is so much appreciation when you can actually talk to someone who knows and understands your investments intimately and is contactable on a mobile anytime,” he says.

“There is nothing worse than not being able to talk to your property manager when you need them most.”

Because of this Nathan says Property Entourage has the desire to grow slow and steady with its clientele so they can build on relationships and not numbers.

“Being accessible to our clients and tenants is a priority,” he says.

“You can’t beat personal relationships. It’s what actually underpins great ethics.

“Placing a major investment in the hands of someone you can trust and rely on should be a top priority.”

Nathan believes in working ethically, so if a client isn’t happy, they can transfer their business to another agent at any time.

“We don’t charge any exit fees,” he says.

“We are about people and property, not money, or lock in contracts.

“We love our boutique business model and are very grateful for all the support we have had so far.”

Property Entourage, Shop 2A / 39–41 O’Hanlon Place, Federation Square, Nicholls. Call 6262 4284, email admin@propertyentourage.com or visit propertyentourage.com

Daryn enjoys helping with property deals

Daryn Griffiths of Capon & Hubert Lawyers & Mediators.
Daryn Griffiths of Capon & Hubert Lawyers & Mediators.

DARYN Griffiths of Capon & Hubert Lawyers & Mediators enjoys helping anybody in the property sphere at all stages of life.

The property solicitor says he can help people who are buying or selling, or older people who might be downsizing and moving into a retirement village.

While Daryn covers all areas of commercial and property law, he says commercial property transactions for small businesses is his area of expertise, and it’s also what he thoroughly enjoys.

“I like to be able to get inside a client’s business knowledge and see how I can value add to that,” he says.

Being a former small-business owner himself, Daryn says he gives his clients more than just straight legal advice and can talk to them about their documentation, business set-up and monthly bills.

He describes it as a more holistic approach and as well as providing clients with a face-to-face service, he can use his background to help keep costs down.

“My services would be beneficial for anybody who’s in the property sphere, including commercial property purchases, such as property or business assets,” he says.

“Any small-business people who are acquiring or leasing assets or buying into business franchises.”

Daryn says he provides and enjoys providing his services to these areas, but his point of difference, and the Capon & Hubert point of difference is they keep their clients informed, every step of the way.

It’s also different because of its fixed-fee model, which he says is an affordable way for clients to be part of the entire process.

Capon & Hubert Lawyers & Mediators, First Floor, 32-38 Townshend Street, Phillip. Email enquiries@chsol.com.au, call 6152 9203 or visit chsol.com.au

Trained therapists are there to help

Emily Avery of CARM Therapies.
Emily Avery of CARM Therapies.

WHETHER it’s before, during or after pregnancy, CARM Therapies’ remedial massage and acupuncture practitioners have post-graduate training in specific treatments, which are safe and effective, says founder and co-director Emily Avery.

“Acupuncture can seem like a scary concept to some people, but the pregnancy acupuncture points used at CARM Therapies are both safe and proven to be effective,” Emily says.

“All of the pregnancy protocols used are from evidence based research studies, and are used in clinics and hospitals around the world.”

Emily says both acupuncture and remedial massage treatments are great for women preparing for pregnancy, for women receiving IVF treatments, for general relaxation, or for musculoskeletal problems such as hip and back pain, which often arise during pregnancy.

“Acupuncture is also very beneficial for treating nausea (morning sickness), and massage can help to ease fluid retention,” she says.

CARM Therapies also offers one on one sessions for partners to learn how to do acupressure for labour.

“This is a one hour session where the expectant mum and her birthing partner learn the best acupressure points to use in the weeks leading up to the due date and during labour,” she says.

But no matter what treatment someone needs, Emily says CARM Therapies’ staff are both friendly and professional and understand that each person is unique in their pain experience.

CARM Therapies, 5 Higgins Place, Higgins. Call 6278 7302 or visit carmtherapies.com.au

Quilt care will ensure winter warmth

LOCALLY owned and proud of it, the family-owned Mitchell business, Therma Quilts specialises in making and servicing feather and down products such as quilts, pillows and cushions that have been keeping Canberrans warm since the ’80s.

As the weather gets colder, it can even make quilts bigger or smaller to suit any changes in bed sizes since last winter.

Using quality textiles, the seamstresses at Therma Quilts hand-make every item suited to the customer’s needs and provide a top-up service when quilts and pillows show signs of wear or loss of warmth and fluffiness.

“Servicing of feather and down products is essential for keeping them in optimal condition for comfort,” Therma Quilts says.

“With time and usage, body proteins and lipids (natural oils and perspiration) are absorbed on to quilt casings and into the feather and down inside.

“Over time, this build-up dampens the down, which causes it to lose its thermal resistance. However, regular servicing of your quilts would ensure that your down is fresh, fluffy and keeps you nice and warm during winter.

“With time and usage, the fabrics on quilts wear out and get thin, but once holes appear there is no need to throw away your quilt.

“Whether you’re wanting to rejuvenate your quilt, customise it or buy a new custom-made one we can look after you,” Therma Quilts says.

Therma Quilts, 10-12 Kemble Court, Mitchell. Call 6241 6859 or visit thermaquilts.com.au

Handcraft and platinum specialists

CLOVER Jewellery has an on-site jeweller and designer so anyone looking for something uniquely beautiful can have it tailor-made, says jeweller James Oh.

Clover Jewellery is a family-run business that has been in Canberra for more than three years after it was in Japan for more than 25 years.

“We provide a range of high-end and unique handmade jewellery as well as fancy and beautiful silver jewellery,” James says.

“We have lots of samples for customers to try or they can bring in their own design and we can make it on-site by our fully qualified jeweller. We have wedding rings and engagement rings for customers to try on, too.

“We are a handcraft and platinum specialist and we offer a laser-engraving and laser-soldering service, you can put a message in the ring along with a birthstone. It makes it very special and one of a kind.”

Based in Manuka, Clover Jewellery makes custom and unique pieces and also offers a free quote for its design services.

Clover Jewellery, 16 Bougainville Street, Griffith. Call 6295 8545, email clover.j@hotmail.com or visit @cloverjewellerycanberra on Facebook.



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