Grumpy / What next, bin ransackers in the night?

Reader BJORN MOORE, of Gowrie, is grumpy about the effects of foragers trolling through bins for 10-cent recycling containers

I HAVE noticed, being a keen recycler, a sudden rush of people going through public bins and recycling depots to gather cans and bottles that are, without doubt, for the claim of 10 cents each under the container deposit scheme introduced recently in the ACT.

Seeing someone troll through a bin at the local shops with a pair of barbecue tongs is something to behold.

I believe more than 90 per cent of residents are good at separating rubbish from recycling, following the guidelines, and putting items in the correct collection bin most of the time.

After all, you are not breaking any law if you happen to erroneously put a non-recyclable item in the recycle bin and vice versa with rubbish. At the end of the day it’s voluntary, a community focused initiative based on “doing the right thing”, assisting the environment while supporting industry for recycling.

I reject the claim by the Labor/Greens ACT government that the container scheme is worthwhile. Why do we need to impose additional costs for such a scheme? We are so good already in the ACT with our recycling efforts. Are they really trying to tell us that the lure of 10 cents per item is going to stop some litter bug from throwing a can in the waterway or out of a car window – I think not!

If we didn’t have the residential recycling bins we already have (rates paid), then I would support the new scheme 100 per cent. No, it’s just another tax (particularly on alcohol beverages), and I don’t care how they try to window dress it. Perhaps we should have a cigarette-butt scheme instead, they are far worse for the environment.

The irony is that foragers going through bins are taking out material that is already in a recycling bin. I fear it’s just a matter of time before my recycling bin gets ransacked for containers in the middle of the night by a gang looking for booty.

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