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WHILE it’s tempting to remain huddled indoors during winter, there are many benefits to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle during Canberra’s cooler months.
To help Canberrans achieve these benefits, “CityNews” speaks with some of its health and fitness experts who are passionate about keeping people fit and healthy over winter.

Nick’s got the gear to keep people running

THE Runners Shop, located in Phillip and Gungahlin, has all the right equipment to get people running through winter, says long-time runner and director Nick Walshe.
Surprisingly, he says, winter is the best time for runners to increase their training because people can go longer in the colder weather without their heart rate being elevated.
And to help people get outdoors and running in the cold weather, Nick says The Runners Shop has gear such as gloves, to keep people warm, and accessories such as a new product called the “Naked” running belt, which can hold necessities like phones, water bottles and wallets.
But no matter what a customer is after, Nick says the team at The Runners Shop, who are all running enthusiasts themselves, is happy to help customers find the right running gear.
“We give people a personalised [service with an] extra level of attention, compared to what they’re used to [at other stores], to make sure they’re getting the right pair of shoes,” Nick says.
Nick’s enthusiasm for running goes beyond the store too, and on Saturday, July 20, The Runners Shop will be sponsoring a running event, hosted by the YMCA Canberra Runners Club, which starts at Menindee Drive, Parkes.

The Runners Shop, 76 Dundas Court, Phillip, call 6285 3508 and upstairs at 46-50 Hibberson Street, Gungahlin, call 6241 7054 or visit

Greg gets people moving post injury

MANUKA Woden Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic, located in both Manuka and Woden, is all about getting people back to where they were before they were injured, says owner Greg Nash.
Greg, who has about 35 years of clinical experience, sees a lot of snow sport-related injuries over the winter months and says the clinic’s aim is to restore the range of motion that was available pre-injury .
“Knee injuries are the most common injury for skiers, whereas upper limb injuries are prevalent for snowboarders,” he says.
When rehabilitating snow sport injuries, Greg says the initial treatment focuses on reducing pain, reducing swelling and protecting the area from further injury.
Then, he says they work on restoring range of motion and maintaining strength.
But Greg’s not just limited to snow related injuries and says he can help with musculoskeletal injuries, neck and back pain, joint pain and injuries from work, car accidents or other sports.
Backed by a team of highly skilled physiotherapists, Greg says the Manuka and Woden clinics, which offer after hours services and onsite parking, are trusted by the community and deliver expert advice in the management of injuries.
“We take great pride in providing a personal experience for clients,” he says.
“We know them by name and they know us by name.
“[And we] don’t just treat the injury, we treat the person.”

Manuka Woden Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic, 2/26 Bougainville Street, Manuka, call 6295 6896 and 3/48 Corinna Street, Woden, call 6281 1382 or email

Owner Rhonda Warne, centre, with the Chemist Outlet Dickson team.

There’s still time for a flu shot

EVEN with winter in full swing, there’s still time to get a flu shot, says the owner of Chemist Outlet Dickson, Rhonda Warne.
“Flu shots, [which] give immunity against four of the worst strains of flu, are the best way to [get through] winter,” she says.
And while flu shots are a great place to start, Rhonda says Chemist Outlet Dickson also has other items to help customers get through winter, such as heat packs, vaporisers, supplements and probiotics.
But prevention is not always possible, which is why Rhonda says the highly trained and educated pharmacists do their best to provide a timely and professional dispensing service for unwell (and well) customers.
“We care about each and every customer that comes into the store,” she says.
“We’re here to help, nothing is too much of an effort.
“We’re here to make sure that you get the product that’s right for you at a heavily discounted price.”
Soon, Rhonda says the customer-focused community pharmacy, Chemist Outlet Dickson, will become a Cincotta discount chemist, which means they will offer even better prices and services for the community.
“[We’re always trying to] deliver medicines at discounted prices that can help any budget,” Rhonda says.

Chemist Outlet Dickson, 1/42 Dickson Place, Dickson. Call 6247 7944.

Winter classes for half the price

THE owner of Aerial Sports, Cher Albrecht, is getting people moving for half the price this winter, with her two for one aerial and yoga classes, starting on July 15.
On top of this, Cher says Aerial Sports is currently running a competition on its Facebook and Instagram channels, where they will be giving away a free class or classes. But, she says people need to enter quickly because she will be announcing the winner on Sunday, July 14.
Then, on Monday, July 15, Cher says the beginning of Aerial Sports’ “winter special” on aerial and yoga classes is the perfect time for children and adults to try a fun and engaging alternative to the traditional gym workout.
“I originally opened Aerial Sports as an outlet for adults to play and experience aerial acrobatics,” she says.
“I find that as adults we tend to not play as much as we should, so it’s an opportunity for us to enjoy a unique sport.”
Now, following an expansion, Cher says Aerial Sports offers multiple chances for adults and children to “play” in a range of beginner and advanced classes such as regular aerial, silk, lyra or trapeze, as well as classes that work on handstands and flexibility.
“[As an instructor] it’s really fulfilling to see students learn, grow and build self confidence,” Cher says.
“I love seeing the smiles on students’ faces when they achieve a goal or do a move they didn’t think they’d be able to get.”

Aerial Sports, 17a Darling Street, Mitchell. Call 6262 0215, email or visit

Avoid getting hurt with the power of stretches

Canberra Chiropractic director Dr. Ben Schutte.

DURING the cold winter months, it’s important to get outdoors and keep active, says the director of Canberra Chiropractic, Dr Ben Schutte.
And once people are outside and moving, Ben says it’s also important for people to stretch and prepare properly before sports, including winter sports, which can be physically taxing.
“People become sedentary over winter [so] it’s important to make sure they’re moving correctly,” he says.
“[We see] occasional skiers who get hurt because they haven’t prepared properly.”
Ben, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, can help people with their rehabilitation after injury, but also offers services such as chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue techniques, corrective exercises and ancillary care.
He delivers these services out of the practice in Turner, which Ben says has been helping the Canberra community relieve neck and back pain for almost sixty years, with Canberra Chiropractic’s history dating back to 1958.
And even though they’ve been around for so long, Ben says they understand traditional chiropractic techniques but at the same time keep up to date with modern techniques.
“We know different people will need different techniques,” he says.
“We have a range of techniques used to suit the person and not the other way around.”

Canberra Chiropractic, Unit 5, 9 McKay Street, Turner. Call 6247 3388, email or visit

Virginia mentors women through movement

Movement Mentors owner, Virginia Cooke.

MOVEMENT Mentors has helped more than 400 Canberra women improve body tone and flexibility, and reduce back pain, according to owner Virginia Cooke, and now she wants to get more women moving in July by offering $5 trial classes.
Under the name Callanetics, which will soon become Stretchtone, Virginia says the classes conducted in her home studio are small and personalised, and offer exercises with no impact.
“[The classes] help with balance, coordination and strength,” she says.
“We use very focused movements to get specific toning results.”
Movement Mentors’ classes are based on pulses, yoga and somatic movements, and Virginia says the tiny “pulse” movement works into an extended muscle and targets the deeper muscle fibres, which results in a leaner look with no stress on the joints.
“My students report better sleep, improved back issues, reduced dependence on painkillers and fewer visits to the health care professionals,” she says.
And, Virginia says her students are also pleased with her pricing, which she’s able to keep down because she teaches from home.
Overall she says her Stretchtone classes have many benefits, which is why she’s inviting women to come and try her introduction workshop from 1.30pm-4.30pm, on Sunday, July 21, for $36.

Movement Mentors. Call 0411 952598 or email

Orthotic shoes offer style and comfort

THERE’S no need to sacrifice style for comfort, with The Healthy Foot’s stylish and orthotic-friendly NAOT footwear, says podiatrist Mark Clayton.
Handmade in Israel from Italian leather, Mark says people have been buying NAOT footwear from The Healthy Foot in Dickson for about 25 years.
“We have the biggest stock of NAOT footwear in Canberra [and] people find them very comfortable,” he says.
Mark, who’s been a podiatrist for more than 30 years, says NAOT shoes come in many styles and colours, such as slim sizes and wide sizes, to suit the individual.
“[They are] a good quality shoe and people who wear them keep coming back,” he says.
And, Mark says if the insoles need to be replaced, The Healthy Foot can provide new insoles too.
But what’s most important is that people walk away with a shoe that’s the right fit and Mark says the team at The Healthy Foot are happy to provide that extra service to meet the customers’ requirements.
“As podiatrists, we can point them in [the right] direction,” he says.

The Healthy Foot, 1/151 Cowper Street, Dickson. Call 6262 8383 or visit

Youth club with an eye on the future

SERVING the local community for more than 60 years, Canberra Police Community Youth Club (PCYC) has been in Erindale since the 1980s, offering a range of low-cost and high-quality programs and activities to engage young people and the community.
“PCYC sport and recreation programs and activities form a part of a community engagement strategy,” PCYC says.
“These programs and activities are a low-cost, high-quality service run out of the PCYC Erindale Centre.
“This wide range of sporting and recreational options cater to the diverse local community and provide PCYC members with an inclusive environment, sense of belonging and an increase in health and mental wellbeing.”
PCYC also offers targeted programs for young people exhibiting anti-social behaviour, disengagement from school or engaging in low-grade, petty crime.
“Personal development outcomes for participants include improved resilience, leadership skills, teamwork skills, a sense of belonging, fostering better social skills, a sense of identity, skills to manage emotions, practical skills, understanding of healthy choice-making, goal setting skills and building a positive self image,” PCYC says.
“Whatever journey people may have been on, it is our mission to empower people to create pathways to a better future for themselves.”

Canberra Police Community Youth Club, 17 Grattan Court, Wanniassa. Call 6296 7822, email or visit

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