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Website aims to help voters make an informed decision

Craig Blakley founded the website Vote Easy to help voters make an informed decision on election day. This is a sponsored post.

WITH the vision of making voting easier for everyone, Craig Blakley and Owen Whatley founded the website Vote Easy to help voters make an informed decision on election day.

Electricians by trade, Craig and Owen teamed up to start Vote Easy out of a need to make voting easier for people in the community.

By giving each candidate the opportunity to upload information about their campaign on the website, Vote Easy aims to be a convenient platform in which voters can find out who is running in their electorate and what their policy positions are.

So far, Vote Easy has covered elections across the country, and now, Craig says it’s their turn to make voting easier in the ACT.

“When we come to vote, it’s hard to get information on the candidates. We get the headlines, banter and politicians bagging each other, but when it comes to finding out more about what each candidate is all about, it’s not straightforward for voters,” he says.

Craig says Vote Easy allows voters to consider all the candidates and make informed decisions whilst levelling the playing field for the candidates.

“We wanted to create a platform which is unbiased and genuine, allowing people to make the best decision and get better representation,” he says.

According to Craig, Vote Easy is an affordable way for candidates to display their whole campaign to the community, and to celebrate this, Vote Easy is offering all candidates an introductory offer of $5, to promote themselves to voters. He says being on Vote Easy allows candidates to connect with voters that they haven’t spoken to or haven’t reached yet.

For the candidates who choose not to be involved, only their name appears, in ballot order.

“If the candidates aren’t on the site, you should question why,” says Craig.

Vote Easy, according to Craig, is also very community-minded and he is working with a group of teachers to roll out a free version of the Vote Easy website, specifically for schools to use for student elections and in conjunction with their political studies.

If people are given all information, Craig says they might make a different decision on who represents them.

“People are disenchanted with politics and politicians, however, the great news is, they can do something about it. Value your vote, consider all the candidates and make an informed decision,” he says.

“There is no greater time for voters to choose good local candidates that can represent them and know the issues that are important to them. If your politician isn’t representing you, then find one that will.

“Vote Easy doesn’t care who you vote for, just that you make an informed decision.”

Vote Easy’s four steps to ‘easy voting’: 

  1. Visit, select “voters” and click on the ACT Legislative Assembly link in the “upcoming elections” page. 
  2. Click on your electorate and view the list of candidates and their profiles (if they’ve registered with Vote Easy). The information will be available soon after nominations have closed and the official candidate names have been released.   
  3. Read up and make an informed decision on which candidates resonate best with you. 
  4. Create your own “how to vote” card by choosing the candidates you want. Save or print it and have it handy to refer to when casting your vote.


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Margarette Earll says: 7 October 2020 at 3:32 pm

Seems like Carolyn Drew is the only person who is interested in getting votes!!! And wouldn’t the animals be happy!!!


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