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Day helps break the stigma around arthritis

World Arthritis Day is on October 12 and Arthritis ACT wants to help break the stigma around the degenerative condition that affects millions of Australians. This is a sponsored post. 

WITH this year’s World Arthritis Day falling on October 12, Arthritis ACT wants to help break the stigma around the degenerative condition that affects millions of Australians, says CEO Rebecca Davey.

Arthritis ACT CEO Rebecca Davey.

“One of the big problems with arthritis is that it’s so invisible,” says Rebecca.

“A lot of times arthritis can be thought of as just a bad back or a bad knee and that the person just needs to get on with it, but the effects are much worse.

“The condition is fatiguing, painful, lifelong and it can impact someone’s day-to-day life severely.”

Rebecca says a big misconception around arthritis is that it’s something that’s brought on by the person themselves by not getting enough exercise or not staying fit.

“Whilst we know those things help the condition and can make life better, people haven’t done anything to themselves to cause arthritis,” she says.

“It’s a horrible thing that can happen in life and we need to be understanding of that.”

She also says arthritis can have significant negative impacts on people’s social lives.

“This social isolation people are living with at the moment may be a severe arthritis sufferer’s life all the time,” says Rebecca.

“The message we want to share with the community is that if someone with arthritis says to you they can’t participate in something or they have to work part-time or have to step back a bit, it’s important that it’s listened to because this is a more serious condition than many people think.”

However, Rebecca says that those suffering from the condition can get in touch with Arthritis ACT over the phone or online, where they’ll have access to important services and resources that are completely non-judgmental.

“We will work with a person based on where they are in their life at the time,” she says.

“Our goal is to do all we can to make their quality of life better.”

Arthritis ACT, 170 Haydon Drive, Bruce. Call 1800 011041, email or visit

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