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Tim talks the walk when it comes to good health

In this sponsored post chiropractor TIM PORTER says walking has a positive effect on every organ in your body.

WITH lockdown measures now eased, the weather improving and the days remaining lighter for longer, chiropractor Tim Porter says it’s time to get outside and go for a walk. 

“From the evolution of our species, as our ancestors moved from ‘knuckle walking’ to ‘bi-pedalism’, walking has been innate and instinctive to us,” says Tim, who is a chiropractor at Enhance Healthcare. 

Chiropractor Tim Porter… “Walking has a positive effect on every organ in your body.”

He says the beauty of walking is it’s simplicity: “It’s free, you don’t need a gym membership or equipment and shoes are optional.

“Walking has a positive effect on every organ in your body.” 

Tim says that for only 30 minutes of walking done three to five times a week, the health benefits are vast. 

They include; decrease in depression and anxiety, an increase in oxygen to the body, improved heart and lung function, a reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol, an improved immune system and a lower risk of cancer. 

“Walking has shown to halve your chance of diabetes and people who regularly walk have less sick days off work,” says Tim. 

As the weather improves, Tim says that a gentle walk is a great way to start bringing back movement to our post-lockdown bodies and can soon work up to a more brisk one over time. 

“Take your time, don’t charge up Mount Ainslie if you haven’t been walking very much recently. The good thing with walking is you can slow down at any time and take it at your own pace,” he says. 

“Our lifestyle is so sedentary which negatively impacts our bodies and health. By bringing in a simple walking routine, you are improving your emotional, bio-chemical, physical and mental health every time you set off for a walk.” 

Tim says that Enhance Healthcare runs a weekly walking group out of the Denman Prospect clinic, which is a great way for patients and locals to enjoy social company while keeping their bodies moving. 

More at; Enhance Healthcare is located in Mitchell and Denman Prospect is open for appointments on 6241 6060.

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