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Day hospital ensures patients get full treatment

Neurology and pain centre founders, neurologist Dr Yash Gawarikar, left, and specialist pain medicine physician Dr Roopa Gawarikar.

NEUROLOGIST Dr Yash Gawarikar and specialist pain medicine physician Dr Roopa Gawarikar are the founders of the Canberra Region Neurology and Pain Centre.

The Woden centre provides multi-modal care from diagnostic services to treatment, including a newly opened day hospital.

By combining their professional medical specialties and creating a one-stop, comprehensive centre, the doctors say their centre offers the complete journey from consultation, diagnostic tests, treatment and rehabilitation under one roof using a co-ordinated, multi-modal team approach.

The on-site day hospital at Corinna Chambers, Woden, was opened as a licensed health facility by the ACT Health Minister in April, 2021, and is fully accredited by national standards (NSQHS).

“The inclusion of a day hospital ensures that patients can access all their treatment here,” says Dr Yash. 

“Consultant Neurologist Dr Zhai is a valuable member of our team. He sees patients with various neurological disorders.”

A physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, massage therapist and yoga therapist are also part of the multi-disciplinary team involved in patient care.

Their philosophy at their centre is to put patients first and provide specialist care for those with neurological conditions or chronic pain or both.

“We believe in individualised care that is tailored to each of our patients,” says Dr Roopa, who is a qualified specialist pain-medicine physician and radiation oncologist with expertise in minimally invasive procedures.

“We aim to really understand each patients’ unique story to deliver individualised treatment.”

 Dr Yash has been a consultant neurologist since 2011 and set up the stroke unit at Calvary Public Hospital in 2013. He is also a senior lecturer at the ANU medical school and has written many articles in peer-reviewed journals.

“As a neurologist, I specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions such as chronic headaches, migraines, nerve and muscle disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy,” he says.

“Our focus for Canberra Region Neurology and Pain Centre is to create a centre of excellence.”

Dr Roopa specialises in areas of pain medicine such as neuropathic pain, pelvic pain, post-surgical pain, chronic back pain, multiple joint pain, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches and cancer pain.

Her emphasis is on using procedures and infusions to reduce daily reliance on daily medications especially opioids. Her aim is to improve her patient’s quality of life and daily function.

“We found that many of our patients, particularly those who are elderly, found the experience of travelling to several locations to receive tests or treatment very hard to manage with their mobility and other issues,” she says.

“Now they can access everything they need in one location.

“I believe in creating, in partnership with the patient, the plan for their treatment. Early intervention is very important in chronic pain with the aim to dampen the cycle of pain.” 

Dr Roopa was awarded the Dean’s Prize in 2021 for her paper on ketamine infusions for chronic pain by the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetics. She has also published several other peer-reviewed articles. 

“We believe in evidence-based practice and the importance of medical research,” she says.

Dr Yash and Dr Roopa have been working together since 2019 and say they are passionate about helping patients in the Canberra community with their sincere approach, hard work, expert skill set at their comprehensive centre in Woden.

“We want to help our patients in the Canberra community achieve their goals to live their best life.”

Canberra Region Neurology and Pain Centre, Units 2-4 Corinna Chambers, Ground Floor, 36-38 Corinna Street, Phillip. Call 6253 0066 or visit

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