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Elizabeth’s mighty fight for her right to reign

Alicia von Rittberg as Elizabeth I…  throws herself head first into a performance that’s a treat to watch.

Streaming knave NICK OVERALL finds himself forelock tugging at some new programs with a royal twist.

NETFLIX’S hit series “The Crown” might have a competitor vying for its throne.

As the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II rolls past, it’s no coincidence that a new series focusing on the Royal family has also reared its head.

“Becoming Elizabeth”, streaming on Stan, winds the clock back to the 16th century to tell the tale of a young Elizabeth I in the fight for her reign as the future Queen of England.

Picking up right after the death of King Henry VIII, the series details the subsequent scramble for power as Elizabeth, an orphaned teenager, becomes embroiled in the heated and sexual politics of the English Court.

Little known actress Alicia von Rittberg takes on the truly mammoth role that is playing a future queen of the world, but throws herself head first into a performance that’s a treat to watch.

It seems audiences can’t quite get enough of the Monarchy in entertainment. “Becoming Elizabeth” is just one among a multitude of regal hits strewn across the streaming platforms.

The Princess Diana biopic “Spencer” continues to do numbers on Amazon Prime Video and season five of Netflix’s Royal romp “The Crown” is slated to hit streaming in November. 

The hegemonic streaming platform will be deeply relying on “The Crown” as it continues to lose subscribers to other services.

With shows such as “Becoming Elizabeth” offering viewers quality alternatives, the likelihood of a power seizure from Netflix is becoming all the more real.

AMAZON Prime Video’s newest sci-fi series brings an unusual dollop of sweetness to a genre that’s widely dominated by creepy aliens and laser gun scrimmages.

“Night Sky” is the tale of an older married couple, who at first glance live a quaint and happy little existence together on their farm, but who are soon revealed to share a celestial secret.

Beneath a shed in their backyard is a gateway to another planet, a portal that leads them through to stunning cosmic vista and one they’ve regularly escaped to throughout their almost 50 years of marriage.

The couple have made the trip more than 800 times, according to Frank, a carpenter who starts to worry that he and his wife’s other-worldly getaway is starting to pull them away from reality a little too often.

Frank’s wife, Irene, on the other hand, is becoming more and more entranced by the view. She increasingly wants to return to the observation deck which looks out over the desolate, yet beautiful planet far away from Earth.

Despite their many trips, the two have never yet dared to open the door of the observation deck that leads out to the planet’s surface, something that Irene starts to become more curious about as the viewer drops into their peculiar lives.

“Night Sky” is held together by Hollywood veterans JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek, who here share a chemistry that’s understated yet charmingly tangible.

It’s a strange, yet absorbing thing to watch these two actors in roles far more subdued than what they’re otherwise famous for.

JK Simmons, known for his performance as the madman drumming coach in “Whiplash” or the churlish news editor of “The Daily Bugle” in “Spiderman”, here dials things down to reveal the diversity of his talent.

Spacek as well plays a character that’s a far cry from her demonic performance in “Carrie”, the 1976 horror classic about a highschool girl haunted by demons and a film based on Stephen King’s first breakout novel.

“Night Sky” is eight hours of television that could easily have been four due to some unnecessary subplots getting in the way, but the endearing performances of these two leads will be more than enough to keep many viewers locked in orbit. 

“MAKING a Murderer”, “Tiger King”, “American Crime Story”, one could make a bottomless list of the true-crime hits that continue to dominate the streaming charts.

It’s no secret the genre is a go-to for many viewers, and it was only a matter of time before some wise guy had the idea to pay out the audience’s obsession with these real-life murder mysteries.

“Only Murders in the Building”, now streaming its second season on Disney Plus, is a slashy slice of satire which pokes fun at just that.

Starring comedy greats Steve Martin and Martin Short, as well as pop star Selena Gomez, this hyperbolic whodunit is about three strangers and true-crime obsessives who find themselves caught up in a murder mystery themselves.

When their apartment complex becomes the scene of a grisly death, the clumsy trio put their collective knowledge of true crime together to try to figure out who the killer is.

Plot twist: podcast enthusiasts aren’t much chop as murder investigators.

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One Response to Elizabeth’s mighty fight for her right to reign

The Chronicles of History says: June 19, 2022 at 4:18 am

I really am looking forward to checking this series out. I am simply just waiting for more episodes. In the meantime, I am reading Jean Plaidy’s Queen Of The Realm for the third time, it is a great book about Elizabeth I!


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