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‘Positive, poignant’ way to celebrate ageing

To celebrate this year’s “Silver is Gold” seniors festival, “CityNews” spoke with businesses, organisations, advocacy groups and more that are passionate about improving the lives of Canberra’s older community.

THIS year, the Council on the Ageing (COTA) ACT will be reimagining its events space in the Canberra community with a “Silver is Gold” festival that will stretch across the entire year, rather than one week.

COTA ACT CEO Jenny Mobbs.

At Exhibition Park,10am-4pm, on Thursday, May 26, COTA ACT will present the 2022 Silver is Gold Seniors Expo, one of the festival’s most anticipated events.

The star attraction is food celebrity Maggie Beer AO, an Australian cook, food author, restaurateur and gourmet food producer from the Barossa Valley.

But that’s not all. There’ll be competitions, concerts, giveaways and many more things that’ll appeal to seniors.

“We’re all about sparking connections this year, getting out, loving life and celebrating our age,” says COTA ACT CEO Jenny Mobbs.

“With more than 200 stalls, spread across two huge pavilions, you can also check out the latest products and services available to Canberra’s seniors and gain a fascinating insight into the treasure trove of lifestyle and recreation activities that are available to you in the Canberra region.”

To celebrate this year’s Silver is Gold Expo, “CityNews” spoke with businesses, organisations, advocacy groups and more that are passionate about improving the lives of seniors.

Aged care providers understand the needs of seniors

WHEN it comes to aged care, Carers ACT chief services innovation officer Adam Horner says a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

“It is incredibly important to take the time to understand the needs of the individuals we support to ensure they get the services that best suit them,” says Adam.

“We visit them in their homes, we organise services to help them with personal care and we strive to meet our vision of being trusted partners in care.”

Adam says a big part of the organisation’s service is in-home care for seniors, something that’s incredibly important to a lot of older residents.

“In most cases it is where they have raised their families, established a community and built a life,” says Adam. “It allows a person to maintain their independence and sense of identity and continue to be an active member of their community.”

Adam also says that the experienced team at Carers ACT incorporates activities into their care that keep seniors physically and mentally active.

“We run several social and support groups for people who are ageing and those that care for them. This includes cultural support groups,” he says.

“These groups do a variety of fun activities including art classes, museum visits, lake cruises and yoga.”

Carers ACT, call 6296 9900 or visit

NextSense medical director, Prof Catherine Birman.

When hearing aids are not enough

CLINICAL professor Catherine Birman is the medical director of NextSense Cochlear implant services.

She has performed more than 1700 Cochlear implant and hearing restorative surgeries for children and adults, she says.

“By the age of 65, one in three people will have hearing loss,” says Prof Birman.

“Addressing hearing loss is important. Studies show hearing loss can be associated with social withdrawal, depression, and anxiety – and is an independent risk factor for dementia.

“Better management of hearing loss in middle age and beyond is beneficial in many ways,” she says.

NextSense says it delivers Australia’s most comprehensive Cochlear implant program, from initial assessment through to lifelong care.

“We’ve supported more than 5000 people, from newborns to people older than 90 years of age, to access a better world of sound,” says Prof Birman.

NextSense will be at the Seniors Expo on May 26.

NextSense, Equinox Business Park, Equinox 4, Level 1/70 Kent Street, Deakin. Call 1300 581391, or visit

Your Property Profits founding director Sophie McLean.

Profitable renovations for no up-front costs

YOUR Property Profits can manage a home renovation and prepare it for sale without the client having to lift a finger, says founding director Sophie McLean.

“We think big by refreshing bathrooms and kitchens and overhauling window furnishings, floors and re-painting to name just a few of our makeover changes,” she says.

“When your home is sold, the renovation costs and our fee will be taken out of the settlement costs.”

Sophie says the business was first born as a result of helping an elderly customer living on a large farm property who was unable to pay her heating and other lifestyle costs.

“We refreshed her home with contemporary styling and necessary structural changes,” says Sophie.

“Now living comfortably in a smaller dwelling she has surplus funds to cover all expenses.”

Several renovations later, Sophie says the business is helping singles, couples and families to maximise profits from their home and investment property sales.

“By allowing us to source the best real estate agents in your area and style your home, it will look stunning when it goes to market, have the best chance to sell for maximum profit and sell faster with our help,” she says.

Your Property Profits, call 1800 225597 or visit

KJB Law’s estate planning special counsel Kerstin Glomb.

Enlightening people on their legal options

TAKING the first step in estate planning is often an enlightening experience, with many people surprised to find out what they’re actually worth, says KJB Law’s estate planning special counsel Kerstin Glomb.

“I have clients who believe they don’t own much, but then when we walk through things like superannuation and life insurance they’re surprised to find out how much they’re actually worth and what they have to organise,” she says.

“After that initial meeting I find people feel a lot of relief and peace of mind that they’ve started the process.”

Although it can be an uncomfortable topic to approach, Kerstin says estate planning is something everyone should think about and KJB takes pride in helping ease the burden and making clients feel comfortable.

“We guide people through what options they have and what they should address so that they can take charge in providing protection for themselves and their loved ones,” says Kerstin.

“It’s about working out with a client who are the right people in their family or broader surroundings and then structuring their document to reflect that. “There’s nothing better than when people say after signing that they’re happy to have it in place, feel comfortable and most importantly that they understand what they’ve signed.”

KJB Law, ground floor, 10 Corinna Street, Woden. Call 6281 0999 or visit

‘he Long Cold Winter of 2021 Margaret Hadfield.

New art class for seniors

MARGARET Hadfield, owner of the Artists Shed and Margaret Hadfield Gallery, is adding a new class for seniors.

The class will be run on Wednesday mornings throughout June.

“The Artists Shed continues to evolve and features some local artists including Shed Artists who are stepping up and out of the classes,” she says.

In her own work, Margaret spent lockdown in the studio and did a painting titled “The Long Cold Winter of 2021”.

She says it’s a quiet and soft painting, reflecting on how she was feeling when she was alone in the studio.

“It is a work painted during the winter last year when the snowfields were empty.”

Margaret says she was quite delighted that it won her the “Rural/Landscape Section 1” award at the 2022 Royal Easter Show, and it sold.

The Artists Shed, unit 1-3, 88 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick. Call 0418 237766, email or visit

Cottages that give carers a breather

CARERS ACT operates two short-stay cottages that enable carers of people who are ageing or who have dementia, to take a short break from their caring role. 

Chief services innovation officer Adam Horner says the Deakin and Naragana-Wali cottages are a “home away from home” and provide personal and professional care with services including interactive day programs, overnight stays, and short-term respite stays. 

“The cottages are set amongst a safe and secure garden with each having four bedrooms available for overnight stays,” says Adam. 

“On weekdays, we operate a popular day program with the key goal of assisting our clients with everyday living skills, socialisation, and memory retention while individually tailoring hobbies to reflect our client’s life interest.”

Adam says the cottages are staffed by an experienced and highly qualified team trained in the Montessori model of care which is designed to focus on what the client can still do. 

“They are open to all aged ACT residents, depending on individual care needs. There is a fee to attend our cottages, however you may be eligible for a subsidy through the Australian Government Commonwealth Home Support Program,” he says.

“Subject to availability, we also accept full-fee paying clients, as well as clients who have an NDIS plan, a Home Care Package or are privately funded.”

Call 6285 2082 for Deakin Cottage and 6296 9940 for Naragana-Wali Cottage or visit

ACT general manager Natalie Smith of Diabetes NSW and ACT.

Get your health back on track

“IN the ACT we’ve got just under 20,000 people living with diabetes,” says Natalie Smith, general manager ACT of Diabetes NSW and ACT.

“But we know there’s a lot more people who are living with it, but don’t know about it yet.”

She says the key message Diabetes NSW and ACT want to get out is now is a great time to get on top of your health.

“None of us have really had annual health checks because of covid. Unfortunately, as we get older diabetes becomes more common.

“If you’re living with diabetes, it’s about making sure you’re getting the care and support you need. It’s important to get your feet and eyesight checked to make sure everything’s still working well and your condition isn’t progressing fast, or little things aren’t changing that you might not necessarily be aware of.”

Natalie says Diabetes NSW and ACT are really excited to be back at the Silver is Gold Expo to re-engage with the community.

“And also to be able to continue to raise awareness and support early screening, and support our community.”

Diabetes NSW and ACT. Call 6248 4500, or visit

MV Law partner Tanya Herbertson.

Expert advice on wills and guardianship

AS one of Canberra’s largest independent law firms, MV Law delivers a comprehensive range of specialised legal services, but MV Law partner Tanya Herbertson and her team are putting a focus on wills and estate work at this year’s expo. 

Tanya says she’s been in the industry for more than 20 years, and loves connecting with her clients, which is exactly what the expo is all about.

“The expo is important because it’s about connecting with people again, and giving them an opportunity to come up and have a chat and ask questions,” she says.

Tanya says their focus at the expo will be on estate planning, making wills and organising people’s power of attorney, as well as answering questions about guardianship issues and tribunal issues.

“I love the people side of it, I love hearing people’s stories, hearing their issues or problems and helping them to work out a path forward.

“We’re there for our clients, in terms of having lawyers from our team offering information and advice to the expo attendees.”

MV Law, Level 2, 121 Marcus Clarke Street, Civic. Call 6279 4444, email or visit

The Annecto team, from left, Kath McNaught, Beth Wurcker, Suman Bhusal, Helen Rohan and Baan Kinani.

Friendly and personal care

ANNECTO is a home-care package and private fee-for-service provider based in Mawson, says acting practice manager Beth Wurker.

“At Annecto, we believe that what is important to you is also very important to us.

“We strive to be welcoming, friendly and professional in all we do, whether it’s a chat in our office, regular phone calls, to the work undertaken by our wonderful frontline staff.”

Beth says Annecto provides home-care packages, short-term restorative care, private fee-for-service and meal preparation, as well as obligation-free advice on all aspects of accessing aged care.

“We have our own case managers, dietician, occupational therapist, registered nurse and enrolled nurse,” she says.

“You will be given the mobile phone number for your case manager so you can contact them directly. We also employ all of our team of support workers and we don’t use any agency staff, ensuring that we have strong oversight.”

Annecto, 71 Mawson Place, Mawson. Call 6174 4883 or visit

Viruses, cold air or wood smoke can trigger asthma

A “trigger” for asthma refers to anything that sets off a chain of events that sees a person’s airways narrow or react, says an Asthma Australia spokesperson.

“This often makes it difficult to breathe. In winter, things like cold air, viruses or wood smoke are common triggers for both adults and children,” they say.

“Winter can be a difficult and frustrating season if you’re living with asthma, and it can be daunting to pinpoint what your triggers are.

“For more information on the triggers you’re likely to face this winter, and how you can best manage your asthma around them, visit the Asthma Australia team at the Seniors Expo.

Asthma Australia. Call 1800 278462, or visit


Insurance for a cause

COTA Insurance CEO Daryl Batemen.

FIRST established three decades ago, Council on the Ageing (COTA) Insurance became the first insurance specialist to focus on the needs of older Australians, says CEO Daryl Bateman. 

“Today, we are the most experienced insurance agency in this area, insuring home, contents, motor, travel, caravans, boats – even pets,” he says.

“Our policies are backed by leading insurers, who have worked with us to offer insurance products tailored to the needs of our market.”

Daryl says COTA Insurance is one of very few Australian insurance agencies that operates on a not-for-profit basis.

He says that all surplus funds generated after deducting costs are returned to COTA, the peak body advocating for seniors’ rights and interests to all levels of government, business and in the community at large.

“We know you value talking directly with our wonderful staff, who can guide you through each step of your insurance needs,” says Daryl.

“Most of our team have been with us for many years, and they specialise in talking with older Australians about their insurance needs. They are experts who are generous with their time, making sure that you are properly covered and understand your policy.

“Most importantly, they really enjoy talking to people about their insurance needs.”

COTA Insurance, call 1300 130050, visit or email

Northside Community Service client Myrna Henkel (on bus) with care co-ordinator Kate Malone.

Northside brings care and smiles

NORTHSIDE Community Service is a not-for-profit, community based organisation that has been supporting the community in north Canberra and beyond since 1976, says care co-ordinator Kate Malone.

“We provide aged-care services such as home-care packages, domestic assistance, personal care, social support, social groups for people aged 65+ and transport,” she says.

“A statement that goes along with Northside, and one I wholeheartedly believe, is ‘exceptional people, courageous practice’.

“That’s where Northside stands out and makes that difference in the community, with its people who are here day in, day out with a smile on their face and mission in their hearts.”

Kate says the focus for the aged-care team is to help people enjoy their home for as long as they choose to stay, and to keep them engaged with activities they love in their community of choice.

“We provide services, advice and support to maintain your independence, and to feel safe and confident at home and in the community. We can also support you to settle back into your home following hospitalisation or rehabilitation,” she says.

The saying “people may forget what you said, they may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”,’ resonates with Kate, and she believes that is why Northside will “always succeed in our work with older people in our community”.

Northside Community Service, 2 Rosevear Place, Dickson. Call 6171 8000, or visit


Exercise classes tailored for seniors

BoomerAABS founder Duncan Craig.

EXERCISE and fitness require a different approach as people age, says Duncan Craig, personal trainer and founder of BoomerAABS.

The “AABS” stands for “Active Ageing, Balance and Strength”, and with a focus on training the over-55s, Duncan offers one-on-one, group or active training classes that include the effectiveness of Nordic walking.

“The classes are really targeted to the needs of the individual,” says Duncan.

“For over 55s there can often be mobility issues, chronic health issues and other problems and it’s important to be aware of those limitations and abilities that we all have as we get older.

“It’s all about helping to preserve seniors’ independence by keeping them active so that they can do everyday tasks without risk of injuries or falls.”

Duncan says that for many seniors the classes are also an enjoyable opportunity to socialise with others in the community.

“Coming to exercises may be the way for some people to get out and make contact and we have a coffee and chat afterwards and that’s always a great way to connect,” he says.

BoomerAABS, call Duncan on 0404 373157, visit or email

In-home care provides happier ageing

NURSE Next Door provides in-home care services so that seniors can continue to live in their own homes as they age, says managing director Kylie Williams.

“Our focus is on happier ageing and making lives better,” says Kylie.

“We’re all about holistic care of the individual and focusing on their daily needs as well as their mental health needs.”

Whether it’s meal prep, housekeeping, transport or just providing some companionship, Kylie says the trained team at Nurse Next Door prioritises the needs of their clients.

“We meet with the clients to look at what their requirements are. Then we build a care plan around that,” says Kylie.

“Some clients may engage us for one visit per week, other clients may be every day. It really depends on them.”

Kylie says Nurse Next Door also asks clients what they like doing and builds their hobbies and interests into their care.

“We’ve got one client who we’ve taken to the balloon festival. We’ve got another who, through having the support, has been able to go to museums and the zoo,” she says.

“Other clients just go down to a coffee shop or to the lake or even just outside for a walk. That social connection is so important.”

Nurse Next Door. Call 1300 600247 or visit

Exercise options to suit all abilities

ARTHRITIS ACT CEO Rebecca Davey says it’s important to remain active at all ages, “to condition muscles that protect against injury”, and Arthritis ACT has solutions for people of varying abilities.

“We have Nordic Walking classes. We’re teaching people how to walk with poles, which is a great, low-impact aerobic activity for everyone.”

Rebecca says it’s also important to build strength in different areas of the body.

“We now run Pilates from both locations, Pearce and Bruce,” and, as an added benefit for Arthritis ACT members, “we have free, online exercise classes every week from Tuesday to Thursday.”

That’s only the start, Rebecca says, with Arthritis ACT also offering services such as exercise physiology, disability support and meal planning to help people in managing their pain.

“No question is too big or small for us,” she says.

Arthritis ACT, Building 1, Colette Place, Pearce, and Building 18, 170 Haydon Drive, Bruce. Call 1800 011041, email or visit

Lawyer and notary public Ashilpa Khanna of Capon and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators.

The importance of an up-to-date will

CAPON and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators can help clients update their will as they get older to ensure their wishes are respected, says wills and estate-planning lawyer Ashilpa Khanna.

Ashilpa, who has also recently been made a notary public, says some people don’t have a will, which means their possessions are instead distributed by the “rules of intestacy”.

“This distribution means that someone – your spouse or a family member – will have to apply to the court to be appointed administrator before they can handle your estate,” she says.

This can be costly and time-consuming. Even if they have a will, Ashilpa says it’s important that seniors periodically review it, especially after significant events such as when children get married or the birth of a grandchild.

“At the forefront of people’s minds is making sure their financial and legal affairs are in order so that, in the event of a crisis, their loved ones are secure and can be provided for as intended,” she says.

Capon and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators has been helping people with their legal matters for more than 34 years and can also help seniors with a range of legal issues in areas such as family law, children’s matters, conveyancing, and power of attorney.

“We are focused on giving honest and expert advice at all times,” she says.

“Our staff are experienced in their fields and we take pride in knowing that they will always use common sense, respect, courtesy and good judgement when dealing with clients.”

Capon and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators, first floor, 32-38 Townshend Street, Phillip. Email, call 6152 9203 or visit

Prof Paul N Smith of Orthopaedics ACT. Photo: Geoff Comfort

Expertise in patients’ healing

ORTHOPAEDICS ACT, which began in 2013, provides a complete range of care for patients, and offers specialist surgical services for adults and children.

“All of our surgeons are subspecialty trained in their areas of expertise,” says Prof Paul N Smith. “We cover all areas from head to toe.”

Prof Smith says the team have a “deep engagement” with the ANU Medical School and research units, as well as participating in specialty training.

He says he works in the industry because of the joy it brings when he is fixing someone’s problems. The most rewarding part is “seeing people get better and getting on with their lives”.

“Either healing a fracture, repairing an injury or enabling someone to walk again,” he says.

Orthopaedics ACT is the largest practice in the region, he says, and its surgeons are the most experienced.

Orthopaedics ACT, Woden Specialist Medical Centre, Level 2, 90 Corinna Street, Phillip. Call 6221 9320, or visit

Planning a will for peace of mind

RMB Lawyers solicitor Peta Taylor.

AS an expert in wills and estate planning, solicitor Peta Taylor of RMB Lawyers says she’s passionate about creating legal clarity and comfort for seniors and their families.

“A will is a straightforward, cost-effective way of providing guidance and peace of mind to the people that you leave behind,” says Peta.

“It also provides peace of mind to the willmaker themselves that their hard-earned assets are going to be dealt with how they’d like them to be dealt with.”

Peta says that one of the most important things about a will is that people also get to appoint the person who is going to be responsible for finalising their affairs.

“It’s not just about the distribution of assets, it’s about who takes charge in identifying your assets and tying up loose ends and dealing with the distribution of your estate,” she says.

“If you die without a will then you lose the ability to nominate that person. It means your family, your friends or even the Public Trustee have to then decide amongst themselves who is going to be responsible for that.”

Peta says that even if people have organised a will before, it’s important to review what’s in place every few years.

“This is so you make sure your executor is still alive and appropriate and that the beneficiary can still receive what you want them to,” she says.

“I’m passionate about talking to clients about what their intentions are for their wealth planning, where they’re wanting to head in the future and what they see happening for their family.”

RMB Lawyers, 70 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan. Call 1800 681211 or visit

Aged care living with a multicultural focus

ALAN Hardie, operations manager and acting general manager of Villaggio Sant’ Antonio, says the aged-care facility has a focus on multicultural residents, and says “mixing with other cultures is a good thing.”

“It’s good for a lot of the residents to mix, and they are better able to understand each other.”

Villaggio has provided aged-care services and accommodation since 1992, and Alan says the staff focus on promoting and providing activities and entertainment for the residents.

“We have coffee days, we have themed days, we do a lot of things to make them happy. It’s a really homely feeling.

“I’ve been in aged care and retirement work for about 20 years. It’s lovely to work with the elderly and be able to help people,” says Alan.

He says Villaggio treats residents as if they were “our own family.”

“Villaggio tries to give more of a closeness in looking after people and in personal care, and we try to make their stay here very pleasant. We also try to cater for as much as we can that helps residents enjoy their lives, even if they’re restricted by age or illness.”

Villaggio Sant’ Antonio, 35 Burkitt Street, Page. Call 6255 1794, email or visit

Environmentally friendly fabrics

HAVING opened in the heart of Phillip last year, Weft and Warp has established itself as a store providing a wide range of fabrics for making clothes.

“That’s what makes us a bit different from other shops that sell fabric, most don’t sell exclusively for the making of clothes,” says owner Rebecca Harper. 

“We almost exclusively buy our fabrics from Europe, which means we have access to some of the nicest brands and the ones we know are more environmentally friendly.”

Rebecca says the store prides itself on being an inclusive place to visit that welcomes anyone through its doors.

“We don’t want this to be seen as a place just for women,” she says.

“There’s a bit of perception out there that sewing is for women. We’ve got quite a few customers who are men and we sell the widest range of patterns for men we’ve been able to find.”

For those interested in sewing, Rebecca says Weft and Warp also hosts a variety of classes in its mezzanine room.

“We’ve got some very good teachers who are extraordinarily experienced and who are very good at troubleshooting issues,” she says.

“Wherever you’re at, everyone can learn to sew and we’re happy to teach people and provide them with the info and resources to do so.”

Weft and Warp, 10/82 Parramatta Street, Phillip. Call 6181 8583 or visit

Independent Living Specialists Phillip store manager Peter Corbett.

Improving the lives and mobility of people in need

WITH a new store recently opened in Phillip, Independent Living Specialists (ILS) provides mobility and homecare equipment including wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walking aids, lift chairs, hospital beds, daily living aids and more.

Phillip store manager Peter Corbett says it’s “incredibly rewarding” to be part of a team who help care for and improve the lives of people in the community.

“Some people are coming out of hospital because they’ve had a planned surgery, other people might wake up all of a sudden and their lives have changed completely,” he says.

“We want to provide products that can help them in their lives going forward as much as possible.”

Running until June 30, Peter says all stock will be 10 per cent off.

People are free to trial the products in store, and in certain circumstances, at home with a referral. Peter also says the experienced and knowledgeable team encourage people to ask questions about any of the products.

“It’s a very rewarding feeling to think that someone is going to walk out of this store and hopefully be in a better position than when they walked in,” he says.

Independent Living Specialists, units 3-4, 25 Dundas Court, Phillip. Call 9044 1333, email or visit

Fully serviced gym for people aged 65+

ALYCE Egelton, member services officer at YMCA Chifley Health and Wellness Centre, says while their demographic trend is heading for a mature-aged population of 65 and older, anyone is welcome.

“I would say that we have more of a community feel, and we feel like our members are our family,” she says.

The staff know the majority of their members by name, and Alyce says because the gym isn’t open 24/7, there’s always someone there when members attend the gym.

Alyce has been in her role as member services officer for 18 months.

“I just love building rapport with the members. I love to get to know everyone and they stop by and have a chat.”

And, she says it’s a nice distraction from admin work.

“There’s always a contact point here,” which Alyce says helps with their “real community feel,” which is what the members love.

YMCA Chifley Health and Wellness Centre, 9/71 Maclaurin Crescent, Chifley. Call 6281 0124 or visit

Nordic Walk your way to total body fitness

NORDIC Walking is one of the most affordable and fun ways to get moving and stay active and healthy, so seniors can keep doing all the things they love, says Kristen Pratt of Capital Nordic Walking. 

“Exercise, when done properly, is proven to boost health,” she says.

“Even a few minutes every day can strengthen the immune system, improve brain function, reverse the effects of ageing, and may even improve your memory. Exercise can also be a boon to mental health.

“Nordic Walking is an incredible fitness activity – it’s fun, super effective, and convenient.

“It suits all ages and fitness levels and is suitable for people with health and mobility challenges like Parkinson’s, arthritis, or balance problems.”

Kristen says the low-impact, total-body workout is as gentle as walking but delivers results that are proven to be more effective than walking, jogging or cycling. 

“It doubles the number of muscles being worked to over 90 per cent, can blast as many calories as running, strengthens your upper body and core, improves your posture, and takes a huge amount of strain off your legs, hips and back,” she says.

“Best of all it’s fun to do with friends and family.”

Capital Nordic Walking, email or visit

Retirement village offers convenience

ADRIA Village combines access to important facilities with a feel of privacy, making it the perfect place for retirement, says CEO Stephanie Tyrrell.

“There’s close access to Cooleman Court and Woden Westfield, but we are surrounded by reserves and parklands making it a very peaceful atmosphere for residents,” she says.

Located in the heart of Weston Creek, Adria Village, which has two dedicated respite rooms and a special care unit, offers residential care for 42 residents. The village also contains 36 independent living units.

Stephanie says the village offers residents a wide range of things to do, and that they can get involved as little or as much as they’d like.

“We have an active residents’ committee who organise lots of get-togethers. Residents can play cards, go to morning teas and happy hours, enjoy exercise, and much more,” she says.

Established in 1994 by volunteers of the Croatian community of Canberra and Queanbeyan, Stephanie also says the village is home to a greatly multicultural group of people.

“We have residents [from] Australia, Croatia, China, France, Macedonia, Hungary and more,” she says.

“There are great residents and great staff committed to the best outcomes for the community.”

Adria Village, 89 Fremantle Drive, Stirling. Call 6288 0198, email or visit


Fitness plans that suit the individual

THE team at Higher Function Physio & Pilates takes the time to learn about people’s fitness goals so they create the best exercise plan for them, says CEO Janet Fabbri.

“Whether someone might want to walk up and down the stairs without pain or someone might want to run up and down Mount Ainslie, we’re always aware of what their goals are,” says Janet.

“We tailor the exercise for individuals. Everyone in our classes is getting something they need.”

With classes run by trained physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, Janet says the team can diagnose specific health problems and prescribe evidence-based therapeutic exercises and manual therapy to treat the underlying cause.

“Prevention is better than cure so we’re trying to get people away from physio and away from the doctor,” she says.

“We know how to modify exercises so that they’re safe and comfortable and with our levelled classes we can progress people to suit their strength.” Janet also says all classes are claimable on private health insurance and Higher Function is registered with AHPRA, Medicare, DVA and NDIS.

“We’re passionate about what we do. We genuinely care and we work hard to create a friendly and supportive environment so that our patients can thrive,” she says.

Higher Function Physio & Pilates, Suite 4, Level 1/23 Petrie Plaza. Call 6262 9664 or visit


Visit Vic for second-hand furniture

SAVE A Bob Or Two is a second-hand furniture store providing everything from knick knacks to small and large pieces of furniture and much more, says owner Vic Seisun.

The store has recently relocated from Karabar shops in Queanbeyan to Hawker shops, opposite Woolworths and, Vic says, they also have a new store open in Harden, NSW.

He says the stores stock everything from household furniture to glassware, collectibles, artwork and records, and all stock is in a good, used condition.

Vic says he’s got a passion for going above and beyond to help fulfill customer requests, and he absolutely loves what he does.

“We’re trendy and inviting. The store is exciting and adventurous and we have many different collections for all our customers.”

Vic prides himself on providing the best possible service, and keeping things on schedule and available so as to avoid inconveniencing customers.

He says he’s honest, his prices are cheap and he can deliver goods for an extra cost.

Save A Bob Or Two, Hawker Shopping Centre (0448 164315) and 25 Neill Street, Harden (0434 514870). Visit

Equipment for all abilities in a heated, accessible pool

HARTLEY Hydrotherapy is an all-abilities, accessible heated pool, which operates five days a week at a temperature of 34 degrees, says a Hartley Hydrotherapy spokesperson.

“The pool is available for hire to all members of the Canberra community and surrounds,” they say.

“We offer two different hire arrangements, shared use and exclusive use.

“Our pool offers access via pool steps or a hoist, at a shallow depth of 1.1 metres to 1.5 metres, handrails, non-slip tiles and a change room on site.”

The spokesperson says Hartley Hydrotherapy also provides a large range of equipment free of charge, which can be used to enhance the program.

“This includes steps, floating devices, arm resistance equipment, kickboards and an in-water seat.

“Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapy, rehabilitation, exercise and relaxation. Hydrotherapy may benefit a variety of people for reducing pain, relieving stress, supporting recovery, relaxation or fun.”

Hartley Hydrotherapy. Call 6185 1653, email or visit

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