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The nearby busy city with a history and a future

Queanbeyan CBD riverfront. Photo: Holly Treadaway.

Queanbeyan has carved itself out as an exceptional little corner of Australia, and it’s thriving now more than ever. This week “CityNews” heads over the border for a closer look.

FROM actors to poets, rugby players to grand prix racers, Queanbeyan is home to an iconic line up of Australian stars.
Among them are names such as David and Terry Campese, Mark Webber, Heather McKay, George Lazenby and many more.
The city is considered one of the oldest settlements in Australia, and today represents one of the fastest-growing cities in regional NSW.
All that and more shows Queanbeyan has carved itself out as an exceptional little corner of Australia, and it’s thriving now more than ever.
This week “CityNews” heads over the border for a closer look.

Kristy’s ready to fight for Eden-Monaro

Federal Member for Eden-Monaro Kristy McBain.

FEDERAL Member for Eden-Monaro Kristy McBain says a background in law and journalism from the University of Canberra has set her up well.

“Advocacy is definitely something I’ve made my career out of. I feel comfortable surrounding myself with good people, listening to them and speaking out for them,” she says.

Kristy says the best part about Queanbeyan is the community, and the ability for the community to pull together and get things done, “which is consistent with the rest of the electorate as well”.

“I originally got involved in local politics because there had been a decision made about a local playground. I had a two-and-a-half-year-old and a three-month-old and, at the time, there were eight men and one woman who were all over 55. I just didn’t think it was representative of my demographic.

So, she says she put her hand up and got elected to local council in 2012.

She was then elected mayor in 2016, and elected in a by-election in July 2020.

“We’ve got the election coming up on May 21 and I hope the people of Eden-Monaro will feel confident in returning me to this position, and if that’s the case I’ll be working hard to make sure that I continue to represent their views and their issues.”

Get in touch with Kristy McBain on 6284 2442 or email

Bordeaux Constructions
The Bordeaux team, from left, Jamie, Steve and Michael Milutinovic.

‘One-stop-shop’ for construction projects

BORDEAUX Construction and Management’s team of trained professionals can help with any building project from design to handover, says project manager Michael Milutinovic.

“We’re a one-stop-shop for construction, renovations, extensions, residential and commercial projects,” says Michael, who holds an unrestricted “A” class builder’s licence and has more than 15 years of industry experience.

“We understand a lot of people, especially career professionals, can be time poor so we can manage the entire project from start to finish and simplify it for our clients.”

Originally established as Bordeaux Kitchens in 1983, Michael says the family business has grown over the decades to offer large building works throughout Canberra and NSW.

“We use premium trades, we’ve got our own quality assurance system and we’re really proud to offer a personal service where clients have a point of contact throughout the entire project,” he says.

“One of our recent clients was building a new home and they weren’t quite sure where to begin, but they had an idea of what they wanted to achieve and we’ve worked closely with them throughout the entire process.

“Communication is key for us.”

He says Bordeaux Construction and Management also has an in-house joinery shop, another advantage of its committed projects.

Bordeaux Construction and Management, 8 Aurora Place, Queanbeyan. Call 6299 4642 or visit


Toni wants a ‘proper’ change in politics

Eden-Monaro candidate Toni McLennan.

TONI McLennan is a candidate for Eden-Monaro for the Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP).

“I am running solely because of what happened to my business over the COVID-19 nightmare,” she says.

Toni says she’s had a little gift shop at the Jamison Plaza for six years.

“Covid nearly destroyed my business through the lockdowns and the mandates, and my view is there was a better way to handle it.

“I don’t believe that it was necessary to lockdown healthy people or coerce them into having experimental vaccines. People lost their freedoms for a virus that has a 98 per cent survival rate.

“I did the right thing by getting vaccinated, but then I suffered a vaccine injury. It was a terrible time and I don’t want people to forget, it was a consequence of the actions of the governments around Australia.”

Toni says the message she wants to get out there is “who says you have to vote for Labor or Liberal?”

“If you want different and better politics in Australia, you have to start voting in different voices. We have to have diversity in our parliaments, we have to have more women, more young people and we have to have more tradies in our parliaments, more librarians, more shopkeepers, we don’t need more lawyers.”

Toni McLennan at

More than 150 years of combined construction experience

YEARS of experience across all kinds of iconic infrastructure have allowed Earth Moving Creations to develop innovative techniques that make construction projects less complex, says director Blake Scerri.

“Earthmoving Creations have over 150 years of combined experience in the local, civil and landscaping industry, so we can guarantee quality, reliability and professionalism,” says Blake.

“We are a passionate and motivated team that can help you with any job regardless of how big or small.

With services in bulk excavation, detail excavation, civil construction, concreting and more, Blake says all jobs are run in order to provide the client with quality workmanship and to ensure a safe standard.

Earth Moving Creations also has an expanding fleet of heavy earthmoving equipment available for hire. 

“From ‘truck & dog’ to excavator and bobcat hire, we have something to help with your project,” says Blake.

“We also provide top-quality landscaping construction services at affordable prices. Contact us today to organise a time for a quote and to discuss the many different ways we can help with your project.”

Earth Moving Creations, Paterson Parade, Queanbeyan West. Call 0439 733044 or visit


Psychic Cath Leask.

Cath creates psychic connections

A PSYCHIC of more than 10 years Cath Leask believes the essence of psychic readings has changed over that time.

“There is that old-school stereotype of it being all about the future, but I like to look at it as a wellbeing movement,” says Cath, the owner of Heart 2 Heart Psychic Centre in Queanbeyan.

“It’s about bringing healing, hope and happiness to people. You’re connecting with someone on an energetic level.”

Located in the heart of Queanbeyan, the centre offers psychic readings, mediumship, healings, therapies, gifts and more.

“Whether working psychically to tune into your energy, a photograph or objects that you own, we can feel or sense elements to then provide details about your past, present and future,” says Cath.

“In mediumship, we will tune in a little deeper and further to the energy ‘around’ you – your loved ones in spirit.”

Cath says Heart 2 Heart also regularly offers workshops, circles, events and classes and welcomes anyone who wants to give it a try.

“For me, just being able to sit with someone and help them out of the darkness is a real privilege and a real blessing,” she says.

Heart 2 Heart Psychic Centre, 142 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan. Visit, call 0418 796917 or search Heart 2 Heart Psychic Centre on Facebook.


Dedicated lawyers prepare people for the future

RMB Lawyers solicitor Peta Taylor.

RMB Lawyers strives to provide clients with legal clarity and comfort, says solicitor Peta Taylor.

Peta, who specialises in wills, estate planning and family law, says she’s passionate about providing efficient and responsible service to clients to give them the best outcomes she can.

“I talk to clients about what their intentions are for their wealth planning, where they’re wanting to head in the future and what they see happening for their family,” says Peta.

“I’m happy to do whatever clients need to make them feel more comfortable, sometimes people might prefer to have a chat on a walk or go to a coffee shop instead of the office.

“They might only be able to get in on certain days, or can only get in contact via telephone, anything we can do to help people feel more comfortable we will.”

Peta works alongside fellow solicitor Patrick Gettrust, a member of RMB’s Business Transactions and Dispute Resolution Division.

Patrick says he enjoys helping people and businesses resolve disputes and deal with transactions to help their businesses thrive, and helping people get their estates in order.

The Queanbeyan firm is just one of 18 across NSW that Peta says together form a significant pool of legal expertise including business and commercial transactions, conveyancing, compensation and personal injury, criminal defence and more.

“There’s not a problem we can’t help with,” she says.

RMB Lawyers, 70 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan. Call 1800 681211 or visit

Baker Deane and Nutt partner Lorraine White.

Accessible and innovative legal services

BAKER Deane and Nutt (BDN) is one of the oldest law firms in NSW, having been established for more than 160 years and providing expert advice with a personal touch, says partner Lorraine White.

With two offices, one in Canberra and another in Queanbeyan, BDN operates across NSW, ACT and Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Lorraine says the firm prides itself on being accessible, responsive, and innovative.

“Excellent staff, technology and systems ensure clients receive prompt, reliable and effective legal services,” she says.

Lorraine says BDN has managed the business of the firm through the COVID-19 pandemic well.

“Our systems and skilled staff have allowed us to continue providing legal services to our clients throughout the pandemic, including when our staff have been working from home,” she says.

“We have not needed to close our doors at all, and have been busier than ever.

“Our staff were already set up to work remotely. Over the past few years we have effectively conducted client meetings and court attendances from both our offices and from home.

“BDN has embraced the new and hopefully ongoing efficiencies that have been developed during the pandemic.”

Baker Deane and Nutt, Level 1, 1 Farrell Place, Civic (call 6230 1999) and 260 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan (call 6299 3999). Visit

Gymnastics gym in a prime location

JESS Greene is the gymnastics co-ordinator for the Queanbeyan PCYC, and says its location benefits everyone.

“There are no gym clubs on the east side of Canberra, every other gym is about 25 or 30 minutes from us so we’re in a prime location,” she says.

Gymnastics is offered to children from six months old to 17 years, and people of all levels are welcome.

“Anyone can start at any point, they can walk in off the street and come and join a class,” she says.

“That’s the good thing about gymnastics, it’s really inclusive and anyone can do it.”

She says she loves to see the kids progress, and build a relationship with them as well.

“Sometimes I’ll get a kid that comes in when they’re four-years-old and they don’t leave until they’re 17, so I think that’s really cool to see,” she says.

And Jess says it’s the best PCYC gym in Australia.

“We’ve got a ninja park to run a ninja-warrior class. We just got a brand new floor,” and they also offer rhythmic and artistic gymnastics with “vault bars, a beam and floor activities.”

PCYC Queanbeyan Gymnastics, 1A Yass Road, Queanbeyan East. Call 6285 6993, email or visit

Tom offers friendly service and a good reputation

TOM Whittle, owner of Monaro Bathrooms, says Queanbeyan “is a smaller community, so we make sure we don’t disappoint.”

He started off as a plumber by trade, doing bathroom renovations, and he’s been doing this sort of work for seven years. The company has only grown from there, accumulating trades along the way.

“We basically provide everything now with renovations, bathroom, home, kitchen and laundry,” he says.

Other services include plumbing, carpentry, air conditioning, painting, rendering and tilers, and the staff are made up of bricklayers, electricians, landscapers, plasterers, concreters.

“We have good attention to detail, we’ve got very good tradesmen. All the tradies are good responsible guys, we get a lot of compliments on how friendly the staff are.”

Monaro Bathrooms, 5a Daly Street, Queanbeyan. Call 0413 097628, or visit

Bridge Strata staff from left, Amanda Dengate, Jan Browne and Jenny Muller.

Jan’s passion is demanding and rewarding

CO-DIRECTOR of strata managers Bridge Strata, Jan Browne has been in the business for more than 30 years and manages clients in Queanbeyan, Yass, Bungendore and surrounding areas.

“You go through life trying different areas and I went into this and it just became a bit of a passion,” says Jan.

“Queanbeyan is home for me, I’ve been here since I was 15. I know the area very well, I know the streets and the complexes and that helps my work.”

She says nothing is black and white in the industry, she enjoys working out the grey answers, and she likes meeting people and building a connection.

“Strata management is a type of governance [that] involves community living,” says Jan.

“You deal with all these communities and over the years you develop a rapport, you have affiliations and connections with a lot of people.”

Jan believes that it’s a great industry to get into, and says it’s certainly an industry that is demanding but it is rewarding.

Bridge Strata, Level 1, 20C Monaro Street, Queanbeyan. Call 6109 7700, email or visit

Energy efficient homes built in eight weeks

PRECAST Homes creates modern and stylish homes that are more energy efficient, save on cost and save on time, says manager Chelsea Edwards.

“Using precast concrete panels means increased structural strength and gives us the ability to deliver stronger and greener homes in a fraction of the time,” she says.

“On day one of construction we place the panels and the trusses using the same crane. In normal construction, which uses brick veneer or another alternative, it takes them two to three weeks to get that done.”

Chelsea says the process means a new home can be built in eight weeks, without sacrificing on energy efficiency or strength. 

“It has amazing insulation properties and will keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing power costs,” she says.

“Precast concrete slabs are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings for their strength and durability.”

Chelsea says they encourage people to get in touch to find out if Precast builds in their area.

“We build in Canberra and nearby NSW, from Bungendore to Googong to Burra and more,” she says.

Precast Homes, Unit 8a/3 Jamison Centre, Macquarie. Call 0481 160144, visit or email

Queanbeyan Players’ “The Sound of Music”. Photo: Michael Moore

Players bring back all-time favourite for an encore

THE Queanbeyan Players are bringing back one of its most popular shows for a second run.

“The Sound of Music” will return to the Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre (The Q) next month after playing to sold-out crowds in March last year.

It’s the heart-warming story of nun Maria turned governess to the Von Trapp family of seven singing children, set against the dramatic backdrop of Nazi Germany’s rise to power.

Queanbeyan Players’ vice-president Jenna Hinton says they can’t wait to bring back their take on one of the most iconic films of all time after last year’s run of shows were limited due to covid restrictions.

“At the time, The Q could only take about 75 per cent capacity and we sold out all seats prior to opening,” says Jenna.

“The majority of the cast have returned, which is very exciting.”

Jenna says “The Sound of Music” is a story that’s still relevant today, even 50 years after the film first hit cinema screens.

“It’s such a universal story,” she says.

“Even with today’s current events there are still relevant storylines and history in there that can be learned from.”

“The Sound of Music”, at The Q, June 24-July 3. Information and tickets at or call 6285 6290.

Deziner Beauty owner Louise McMahon.

Beauty services in Queanbeyan

LOUISE McMahon has been the owner of Deziner Beauty in Queanbeyan for 17 years, but it wasn’t her original plan.

“I actually wanted to be a chef,” she said. “My mum was a hairdresser and I used to help her a lot, and she said to me she thought I would be really good at beauty.

But Louise describes herself as more of a people person, and says she’s more of a giver than a receiver, so she found beauty was her truer calling.

In her business, Louise says she tries to have all the cutting-edge technology and skincare that gives the best results.

“My passion is in all this new machinery, I make sure I do my research and have the best of the best that’s out there. It costs me a lot of money, but I buy the machines with clinical studies about them, and that give guaranteed results.”

Her newest purchase is an LED light-therapy bed that she says she’s wanted for years, but couldn’t afford until now.

Deziner Beauty also offers facelifts, body contouring, teeth whitening, a skin analyser, as well as waxing, make-up and more traditional beauty services.

Shop 18 Cassidy’s Arcade, 72 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan. Call 6299 5792, email or visit

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