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Natasha helps women fix their money relationship

Women with Cents, Natasha Janssens

In this sponsored post, Natasha Janssens of Women With Cents talks about her desire to encourage women to think more about their money, and her experience as a woman in business. 

WOMEN With Cents was started in 2016 by Natasha Janssens, as a financial education platform for women.

“The focus now is less on financial literacy, and more on the psychology behind money and spending,” she says.

“I grew up in eastern Europe, in what was Yugoslavia, and came to Australia by myself at 18.

“I had to figure out everything to do with money on my own.

“I became an accountant, but I decided I wanted to do something to help people manage their money better, so I then became a financial adviser and mortgage broker.”

When Natasha was pregnant and joined in mothers groups, she says she realised how male-dominated finances were.

“My mothers’ group started a Facebook to discuss our money and questions, and we’d meet up in person, too,” she says.

“I even wrote a book, ‘Wonder Woman’s Guide To Money’, but I realised something was still missing, so I became a behavioural money coach.

“People don’t talk about the money they earn because they fear judgement.

“Childhood trauma can often impact the money-related decisions we make as adults, because women are taught to put others first, always.

“We all know how to budget, it’s not a lack of knowledge.

“So, now I help women realise what shapes their relationship with money, so they can learn and become more confident.”

Women With Cents, visit

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