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Professional help in coping with all sorts of stress

“CityNews” spoke with the professionals who can help to manage and ease stress in every aspect of day-to-day life.

INTERNATIONAL Stress Awareness Week is observed during the first week of November each year, to emphasise the importance of recognising, understanding and managing stress for better mental and physical health.

But, these Canberra businesses know it’s crucial to find healthy ways to cope with stress all year long.

“CityNews” spoke with the professionals who can help to manage and ease stress in every aspect of day-to-day life.

Women with Cents, Natasha Janssens

Natasha helps women fix their money relationship

WOMEN With Cents was started in 2016 by money coach Natasha Janssens, initially, she says, as a financial education platform.

“After years of running workshops and online courses for women, I published my first book ‘Wonder Woman’s Guide to Money’ in 2019,” she says.

“I quickly realised that women needed more than just financial education. They needed support with navigating financial anxiety, indecision, and the pressures of societal expectations.”

Natasha says research has found that personal finances are the leading cause of stress in Australia, and that women in particular have a lack of confidence when making financial decisions.

“There are so many factors that affect a woman’s relationship with money. Childhood trauma, social conditioning, gender pay gap, these all play a part.

“I grew up in war-torn Yugoslavia, and came to Australia by myself at 18. I know all too well the impact that childhood trauma can have on our financial decisions as adults.

“Arguments over money are also the leading predictor in divorce and relationship breakdown.

“Couples often respond to financial stress in very different ways, making it harder to communicate effectively.

“People don’t talk about their financial challenges because they fear judgement and we often carry a lot of shame – regardless of our income.

“So, now I work with women and couples to support them to transform their relationship with money and get on the same page.”

Women With Cents. Visit

Declutr director Alison Abernethy. Photo: Tracy Lee

Alison helps to make a lasting difference

DECLUTR began in 2016 when director Alison Abernethy says she realised people need a whole lot more than just a home organiser.

“Over time I have added another three professional organisers to my team,” she says.

“We give people the mental and emotional space to live their lives.

“It’s very stressful living with clutter and disorganisation. It’s even more stressful trying to overcome this if you’re completely overwhelmed about how and where to start.”

Alison says her team is non-judgemental and works alongside clients making changes at their pace.

“We declutter people’s lives with a different perspective, we work with our clients to help them realise clutter is always a symptom of something else,” she says.

“Lots of our clients have had some sort of tragedy in their life, and things get out of control, so we come in to help and offer both mentoring and coaching once the clutter is gone, to address the underlying issues.

“I love the fact that I can go and see a client, and at the end of the two-hour session I know I’ve made a difference in their life.”

Alison says she works with lots of people who are socially isolated, too.

“So, for them, knowing someone will be coming in regularly helps reduce stress even before their session starts. I get a lot of joy out of helping people to live lighter, more enjoyable lives.”

Declutr. Call 0412 299359, or visit

Cultural centre offers Chinese experiences

THE Chinese Classical Art Centre, which opened in September 2022, offers a wide range of traditional Chinese cultural classes, says marketing co-ordinator Jessica Lin.

“We offer classes to learn traditional Chinese instruments, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting,” she says.

“We also offer classes for traditional Chinese tea ceremonies.

“Classes like this are quite rare in Canberra, and we want to share the beauty of these traditional ceremonies and traditional instruments and contribute to multicultural Australian society. 

“Our director Anna Zhang has been playing traditional Chinese instruments since she was six years old.”

This includes ensembles with the ANU, says Jessica. 

“Our slogan is ‘let music heal your soul’,” she says. 

“These instruments are great to alleviate stress.

“There are classes available for all ages, both children and adults.

“We also work a lot with vulnerable people.”

Chinese Classical Arts Centre, Suite 9, Level 1, 5 Badham Street, Dickson. Call 0423 927947, or visit

‘Strong demand’ for self recovery

CANBERRA Detox and Rehab Services opened in 2022 to help people recover from drug and alcohol problems and addiction issues.

“There is strong demand for a service like ours, we also pick up from Sydney and the airport for our interstate guests,” a spokesperson for the business said.

“Unfortunately, there are many youthful and otherwise successful people with cocaine, marijuana, prescription or other drug misuse and alcohol problems.

“Sometimes it starts as a binge issue, is seen as a reward for hard work, or is due to a deep physical or mental pain.

“It gets out of control and starts having a negative impact on health, relationships and career.”

Canberra Detox and Rehab offered detox services in a relaxed, modern retreat environment.

“Some people only stay a week to physically detox, reset and get back on track,” the spokesperson said.

“Others stay 28 days plus, to focus on rehabilitation and deal more deeply with the causes of their problems.

“We offer a personalised service, guests have their own rooms with ensuites, our chef prepares nutritious meals and you can stay in touch with business and family.”

They said Canberra Detox and Rehab took great satisfaction from its guest’s success: “We look after everything so a person can focus on themselves and their recovery.”

Canberra Detox and Rehab Services. Call 0477 827744, or visit

Capital Hill Remedial Massage principal massage therapist Sarah Flenley.

Sarah has an answer to stress – remedial massage

SARAH Flenley started Capital Hill Remedial Massage a year ago. 

“I worked as a public servant in government and in the private sector, so I understand the stress,” she says. 

“I want to support people holding tension in their body.” 

After completing her diploma in remedial massage, Sarah now offers remedial, deep-tissue and relaxation massage services. 

“Remedial massage is for when someone has a particular issue going on, such as a frozen shoulder or a tear in their tendon,” she says.

“Deep tissue is great for general tension and relaxation is good for lowering pressure overall.

“When people get stressed, they tighten their bodies, and often our head is playing catch-up with the rest of our body.

“Massage brings the head and body back together and is a great way to remove that tension.”

Working full time herself, Sarah understands that “people are often looking for after-hours and weekend services.”

“I love massage and I love people,” she says.

“I bring the remedial massage skills and they bring their body and we work together.”

Sarah also offers mobile massage services.

Capital Hill Remedial Massage. Call 0419 126 926 or visit

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