Canberra restaurants reviewed by Wendy Johnson. What and where to eat in Canberra.

Review: Running hot and cold

WITH the weather so cold, there are no ends one might go to dine at the hearth of a blazing fire, the very prospect...

Dining / The critic’s top five Canberra eateries of the year

One of Canberra’s most-experienced food critics and this paper’s longest-serving columnist, WENDY JOHNSON indulges herself with her top eating experiences for 2018

A promise of magic

IT’S not every day you walk into an establishment and see wallpaper inspired by an alchemist’s book from the 16th century. But that’s what...

Dining / Taking the high road with coffee

"We made the mistake of ordering a cappuccino and were told (politely but firmly) that one cannot 'taste the coffee' in a cappuccino," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

Dining / Happiness is an open restaurant…

“I called 40 establishments in more central locations to see and report that more places are ensuring you won’t starve over the holiday period," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

Dining / Tasty surprise behind the yellow fence

"The restaurant wouldn’t be a 'destination' for me, but it would draw me back next time I’m in the area and a bit peckish," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

As they come, they go, but they keep on coming

“A friend and I recently listed, in less than 10 minutes and just off the top of our heads, the places that have closed in the inner south alone in the past year or so. The total was 20," writes columnist WENDY JOHNSON

Dining: Foraging for a new idea

Dining writer WENDY JOHNSON previews a fresh, new idea – where food meets fashion, but “Belinda’s pop-up plan has met with what she describes as an ‘amazing amount of government red tape'."

Queanbeyan restaurants now have scores on doors

QUEANBEYAN City Council has launched its Scores on Doors program. It is the 47th council across NSW to come on board with the program...

Dining: New shot at Double Shot

“I WAKE up wanting to kiss you.” This positive, inviting phrase, representing a great start to a great day, appears in white neon lights...

Come into the garden, do

THEY say the French started offering canapés to their guests in the 18th century and the tradition continues today, including some wonderful creations by chef Clement Chauvin at Canberra’s new Mint Garden Bar.

New designs on food

HOW does a fashion designer end up behind the counter of a newly opened “gourmet take away/dine-in” on busy Lonsdale Street? Sara Poguet, who launched...

Local sweet success

FOLLOWERS of award-winning restaurants tremble with excitement when opening Australia’s only annual restaurant guide, to see how Canberra has performed on the national food...

Amazing, just so amazing!

GASTRONOMY; is it the art or science of good eating? That’s the experience four of us had etched in our memories after slowly working...

Vietnamese eating, My’s way

HERE’S a tip for a visit to My’s Restaurant – check out the specials written in fluorescent liquid chalk on the mirror hanging on...





Lisa’s rich viola playing is a concert rarity

Of particular note throughout the entire concert was the tone projection, superb intonation and beauty of sound from viola player Lisa Berthaud, writes reviewer TONY MAGEE after seeing the Skride Piano Quartet concert.


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