Canberra restaurants reviewed by Wendy Johnson. What and where to eat in Canberra.

Bright new pub offers hits and misses

"The menu at Badger & Co offers more than just pub grub and the prices are super reasonable, especially for the portion sizes," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON.

Vegas comes to London Circuit

WHEN you think of the restaurant  Waldorf on London,  attached to the Waldorf Hotel in Civic, chances are you’ll be thinking of a fine...

Review: ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ (M) ***

FOLLOWING eight months’ committal to a psychiatric institution for punching the guy he caught under the shower with his wife Nikki, bi-polar history teacher...

Dining / The Thirst for Thailand

“Jeff is soon to change the menu, but promises to keep the dishes regulars crave most. He’s almost afraid to take them off," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

Dining / A journey to tantalise the tastebuds

“The menu showcases many interesting options and we promised ourselves to return to indulge in other dishes, and very soon," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

Dining / By the lake and on a roll

“The restaurant has settled in now, after a few months of trading and, if my first visit was anything to go by, it’s on a roll," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

A busy Bite amid the buzz, buzz, buzz

IT was that day. The day when rain turned to snow and when the temperatures fell below minus 4C by 10am.  We wanted a nice...

Dining / Another new bloomer at the Foreshore

"The Kingston Collective’s menu isn’t uber extensive, but that’s just fine. It’s always quality over quantity for us foodies," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

Braddon’s big taste of Greece

Greece is on my bucket list. Until I get there, I’ve got to settle with the taste of Greece in Canberra, such as that...

Tony’s in love with his new, true trattoria

Tony Lo Terzo is true Italiano. He loves people. He loves food. He loves hospitality. He loves everything Italian (and everything Canberra). Dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON loves what he's doing.

Falling for an Italian!

It's amore! – the only way to describe my relationship with Canberra’s new Italian Dieci e Mezzo. Not with the executive chef from Sydney’s Otto,...

Canberra’s freakshakes that conquered the world

IN February "CityNews" featured Canberra's Mother and Daughter "My Kitchen Rules" team Gina and Anna Petridis, who had not had a happy time on...

Beware the Horse Dung Fungus

AS the Canberra Region Truffle Festival gears up for winter, residents are being advised against falling for a local imposter. “Fool’s truffle, I call it”,...

Dining: A room full of beans

  THERE’S usually a great story behind a name and The Cupping Room is no exception. No, it’s not the cupping of the massage-therapy type....

Dining / Third time lucky for Prego

"The atmosphere at Prego is great. It’s relaxed, vibrant and engaging. The outdoor dining area is large and a great spot for absorbing the scenery (and people watching)," writes WENDY JOHNSON

Dining / Masters of the Italian art of slow cooking

NAMES of restaurants fascinate me. The story behind Agostinis, the hip Italian restaurant now open in East Hotel, makes your heart pitter patter. Siblings Dan...

Dining / Charlie’s taken over the corner

"What I appreciate is the friendly and efficient staff who make every effort to get to know customers and who are dead keen on drawing out what they think," writes WENDY JOHNSON

Dining / A different start to the day

“I was delighted, when kick-starting the day in Manuka with three friends, to hear everyone comment on how refreshingly different the all-day menu was," says dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

Dining / Sweet to sour, what happened?

“We settled in and fell silent as we absorbed the menu, realising quickly there would be difficult choices to make with all dishes crying out: 'Pick me. Pick me'," writes dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON

In the white mood for festival fun

COLD, What cold? More than 700 people braved the indifferent weather last night for Canberra's first all-white, pop-up picnic – Dîner en Blanc – to picnic...




Study: More people diet for health, not appearance

Two out of three Australians are motivated to start a diet because of "health concerns" rather than lose weight to improve their appearance, according to a new report led by CSIRO. 


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