Lunar prediction sums up the state of wine industry

"Since the imposition of up to 200 per cent tariffs or, more precisely, anti-dumping security deposits, on the import of Australian wine into China, Australian wine imports collapsed," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

Giving wine a future, a bottle at a time

"We should commit to purchasing and consuming Australian wine. It seems that next time Tom and I get together, we should buy a bottle of Australian wine, not just two glasses," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER.

Talking loyalty with a Pike on the line

"When it comes to a wine that goes best with excellent fish and chips, I turn to a solid performer that I first encountered at Stanley’s café in Gouger Street, Adelaide (now long closed): Pikes riesling," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

Wine / Surviving a pretentious homage to twaddle

Wine columnist RICHARD CALVER finds his blood pressure rising as he makes his way through a book that, if it hadn’t been from the library, he would have tossed it on the fire (if he had a fire).

Wine / Head in the clouds when it comes to cost

The taste of grenache seems to be growing on wine columnist RICHARD CALVER...

Canberra District shiraz wins two NSW trophies

CANBERRA District winery Lerida Estate picked up two trophies at the NSW Wine Awards.  

Wine / The chilled and fizzy taste of summer

"Sparkling shiraz is the quintessential Australian wine to drink in the summer… just right for a barbecue where it has the capacity to cut through fatty meats and clean the palate in the best possible way," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

Wine / Putting ‘always pleasant’ to the test

"Dull and boring, I’m afraid, has been my experience with a number of pinot gris: they are anodyne. But..." wine columnist RICHARD CALVER tries to keep an open mind.

Wine / From spuds to shiraz, the Mitolo journey

"The evening was punctuated by various exclamations of praise for this intense and complex shiraz." Wine columnist RICHARD CALVER waxes lyrical about a Mitolo shiraz.

Wine / Go early, go cheap is the mantra of the times

"Wine Australia says that the fastest growing segment of the wine market was the $6-$9.99 a bottle market with the value of sales in that segment growing 31 per cent in the month to early April," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER.

No whistle wetting for old time’s sake

"In 2016 the Preece brand returned and it would have been good to wet the whistle to see how memory and current reality compared about this part of the Mitchelton offering," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

When a decent sherry was just the job

Wine columnist RICHARD CALVER gets a trifle nostalgic about sherry. 

Looking for the lovely legs of a good wine

"The viscosity issue is fun to observe and one way to talk about a wine that disappoints in not being as 'big' as you had hoped is to say it lacks legs," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER.  

Wallet-crushing in search for ‘something spectacular’

"I wanted something spectacular. On the wine list were a couple of Barolo’s, the Italian wine from the Piedmont region made entirely from the varietal Nebbiolo," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER stepping out for the first time in a while. 

How a movie sent merlot sideways

"Seeing the movie 'Sideways' again got me thinking about how unfair the insecure hero is towards merlot and how I now want to slap him," writes our normally passive wine columnist RICHARD CALVER.

The hedonistic call from hibernation

"Shiraz is often thought to be Australia’s premium grape variety. That is certainly my opinion," writes our hibernating wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

A mushroom walks into a bar…

Wine writer RICHARD CALVER shares some funny sides of fungi and the mixed results of using red and white wine when cooking mushrooms.

I do miss having a glass of wine at a bar

"I went to the bar and asked to see the bottle: it was a 2018. I asked for the 2016 as advertised, which was poured with a nod of apology and the wine was a different creature," writes wine writer RICHARD CALVER, remembering the days of sharing a drink with a friend... at a bar.

Summer smoke sees off local vintage for wineries

Wine writer RICHARD CALVER looks at the news that there is little likelihood of a 2020 vintage for Canberra wineries.

Bottle shop turns on the wine and cheese

"My concern, and one that becomes a daily personal reality with my increasing reliance on computers at work and at home, is that we are in danger of disconnecting from any form of community," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER, imbued by a night at a local bottle shop. 





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