Wine / Comfort of a King Valley tasting

The Victorians have produced fine examples of Italian-inspired wines, writes expert RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Finding ways of forgiving the French

"Such was my outrage at the time that I boycotted all French wine and food; illogically, I even stopped ordering French food at restaurants," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Everything’s coming up rosés

"On went my hat of pretension as I cleaned my palate with water, alas no bread or crackers to ensure I started fresh with neutral flavours," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Bacon, eggs and a glass of fiano, anyone?

"There are a large number of elements that I look for in a wine, some everyday but objective, others more subjective," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER.

Calver / Shattering a couple of glass legends

"The coupe glass is out of favour because it just doesn’t do justice to fizz. The large surface area of coupe glasses means the bubbles pop off far too quickly so the better choice is a flute," says wine writer RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Feeling the love, but it takes 10 years

"I think that even though semillon is unloved by the market I am going to keep looking for bargains where there is the potential to have a truly excellent wine," says wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Calver / A glass of nostalgia brings back bad taste

"Hey, I remember watching Michael Jackson when he was black and I remember dancing disco style in a hectic but unco-ordinated way. I’m sure if I drank enough Sable I could do the same right now.

Wine / Steve knows how to make a big Barossa red

Steve Kurtz is a Barossa winemaker who knows how to make full-bodied wine. Wine writer RICHARD CALVER says his favourite is the 2016 Lunar Block shiraz, which is Steve's flagship wine.

Wine / With nary a word of contention

"The range and depth of the proffered wines at tasting didn’t disappoint but I doff my cap to the rieslings," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Why vegans really need to read wine labels

"Some wines are likely to be rejected by vegans because they contain egg or milk products," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Taken in a peaceful, vegan conquest

"At Monster in New Acton there was a fine vegan feast that featured wines from Lark Hill. The combination was superb," writes wines writer RICHARD CALVER

I do miss having a glass of wine at a bar

"I went to the bar and asked to see the bottle: it was a 2018. I asked for the 2016 as advertised, which was poured with a nod of apology and the wine was a different creature," writes wine writer RICHARD CALVER, remembering the days of sharing a drink with a friend... at a bar.

Wine / From the Fog comes the fun

"His place is like a cross between the Australian suburban dream and an adult Willy Wonka factory built around the processing of grog rather than chocolate," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / The chilled and fizzy taste of summer

"Sparkling shiraz is the quintessential Australian wine to drink in the summer… just right for a barbecue where it has the capacity to cut through fatty meats and clean the palate in the best possible way," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

Wine / ‘Lesser’ wines with warm memories

"This is a tale of two 'lesser' wines that gave sublime enjoyment where context is everything; the place, the company you keep and the situation delivers the most worthwhile of memories," writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Oeufly good memories when fizz meets eggs

"Drinking one to three glasses of champagne a week may counteract the memory loss associated with ageing. I can’t forget that research," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Oh, that first time, seeing who you are

"To determine the best way to review the wine and make it relevant to Canberra I chose one of the fundamental characteristics of journalism: conflict. So, I decided to compare the WA wine against a Canberra classic," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Message in a (champagne) bottle

"Perhaps Rasputin’s seeming resistance to poison built up by scoffing champagne was part of the reason he was so difficult to execute?" writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Flavour comes from taste and smell

"The flavour of wine is not only experienced via the tongue. In fact, the mouth distinguishes only rudimentary information on sweetness, saltiness, sourness and bitterness," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Calver / Beautiful berries and the promise of a good vintage

"The plump grape bunches are ready to pluck. Prayers are said to the weather gods, as Bacchus awaits his lusty play (I live in hope, obviously)," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER





Movie review / ‘Gunda’ (G)

"'Gunda' will never break box-office records. Yet it invites attention because of its display of animal life that city-dwellers may never see. For that reason it has merit," says movie reviewer DOUGAL MACDONALD.


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