Wine / Prosecco, it’s as Aussie as lamb chops

"Prosecco is as Aussie as lamb chops because it comes from grapes formerly known as prosecco and is grown here, mostly from the King Valley in Victoria," says wine writer RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Taken in a peaceful, vegan conquest

"At Monster in New Acton there was a fine vegan feast that featured wines from Lark Hill. The combination was superb," writes wines writer RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Lingering memories of the bare cellar

"How do I know there were four young thieves? The act was caught on CCTV and their faces revealed to me and, subsequently, to the police," writes wine writer RICHARD CALVER

Wine / The big larrikin meets a sissy aristocrat

"The tasting notes on the Burge rear label show the winemaker’s frustration with stereotypical winespeak and the hyperbole that seems to abound when wine is being described," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Calver / A glass of nostalgia brings back bad taste

"Hey, I remember watching Michael Jackson when he was black and I remember dancing disco style in a hectic but unco-ordinated way. I’m sure if I drank enough Sable I could do the same right now.

Wine / From the Fog comes the fun

"His place is like a cross between the Australian suburban dream and an adult Willy Wonka factory built around the processing of grog rather than chocolate," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / At home with the power of port

"Port is the preferred drink of clubby English gentlemen and deros who want a quick, cheap fix. That dichotomy tells you a lot about the quality range of this fortified wine," writes RICHARD CALVER

Summer smoke sees off local vintage for wineries

Wine writer RICHARD CALVER looks at the news that there is little likelihood of a 2020 vintage for Canberra wineries.

There was something in the air that night…

"The quality of a wine can be linked to the place or circumstances where you drank it," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER in an experiment in taste that starts beside a river in the NT and ends in Tathra.

Wine / Near miss from the wheel of fortune

"When is a bicycle not a bicycle? When it turns into a winery. Which we did a lot of, responsibly, sadly spitting out a lot of the wine once tasted. True, officer!" writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Amid the vines of beguiling Beechworth

"As I sipped on the Pennyweight 2014 Beechworth Pinot Noir, with its lingering red fruit finish, I agreed with James Halliday that this place is a vinous El Dorado," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Strike me lucky, it’s almost wine week

Canberra wine week starts on April 5, but last night wine columnist RICHARD CALVER was lucky enough to join an exclusive dinner to get things started.

Wine / Why vegans really need to read wine labels

"Some wines are likely to be rejected by vegans because they contain egg or milk products," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Oh, that first time, seeing who you are

"To determine the best way to review the wine and make it relevant to Canberra I chose one of the fundamental characteristics of journalism: conflict. So, I decided to compare the WA wine against a Canberra classic," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Comfort of a King Valley tasting

The Victorians have produced fine examples of Italian-inspired wines, writes expert RICHARD CALVER

Calver / Asking the acid question

"Having grapes that provide a good natural acid balance is good for winemaking as it involves less chemical intervention and additions by the winemaker," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

A termite walks into a bar…

"It is sharing moments of good food, good wine but above all good friends that marks the best in life." We find wine columnist RICHARD CALVER in a mellow mood.

Pip to pulp, cab-sav takes some beating

"The wine was opened and the gorgeous ripe blackcurrant flavours with a firm but very smooth finish needed no food to induce a vindication of my purchase," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Strange encounters when wine arrives

"A popular restaurant full to the brim, ended up offering me a free bottle because of the five wines I ordered sequentially, none of them were in stock," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / ‘Charlie’ shares the love of Canberra wine

"Cagil 'Charlie' Dagseven is energetically passionate about Canberra, its wine and the 'educated people' for whom he makes coffee and pours wine," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER





How Julia Gillard changed Australian politics

Gillard’s misogyny speech and her time as our first woman prime minister changed the way that politics and sexism were talked about in Australia and highlighted the toxic nature of parliament, writes political scientist BLAIR WILLIAMS. 


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