Wine / Message in a (champagne) bottle

"Perhaps Rasputin’s seeming resistance to poison built up by scoffing champagne was part of the reason he was so difficult to execute?" writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / The ways of wine with food

"Food with a good matching wine is lifted out of the ordinary and, goodness knows, we all need to step out of the daily quagmire of our lives whenever we can," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wallet-crushing in search for ‘something spectacular’

"I wanted something spectacular. On the wine list were a couple of Barolo’s, the Italian wine from the Piedmont region made entirely from the varietal Nebbiolo," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER stepping out for the first time in a while. 

Wine / ‘Charlie’ shares the love of Canberra wine

"Cagil 'Charlie' Dagseven is energetically passionate about Canberra, its wine and the 'educated people' for whom he makes coffee and pours wine," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Pouring over a taste of bad service

"I didn’t expect a poured glass of white wine with a hand wrapped around it like it was a brick to be thrown to be suddenly plonked down in front of me," writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Tempranillo and what the heck?

"In Canberra, no sooner do I taste a wine these days than I find myself pontificating to see whether or not it is 'good' and whether and why I like it," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

No whistle wetting for old time’s sake

"In 2016 the Preece brand returned and it would have been good to wet the whistle to see how memory and current reality compared about this part of the Mitchelton offering," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

Meat and fish.. what wine to order?

"The food was ordered: my friend a rump steak and me swordfish. This was a dilemma. What wine could suit both dishes? He wanted to order a red. I wanted to order a white. So, it was either wine by the glass or a compromise," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

Wine / Near miss from the wheel of fortune

"When is a bicycle not a bicycle? When it turns into a winery. Which we did a lot of, responsibly, sadly spitting out a lot of the wine once tasted. True, officer!" writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Lunch was all a bit of a Lark

"We arrived to be greeted by a wonderful vista, revealed through ceiling-to-floor glass that shows the golds and russet reds of vine leaves that are ready to fall," writes RICHARD CALVER

When a decent sherry was just the job

Wine columnist RICHARD CALVER gets a trifle nostalgic about sherry. 

Wine / Airs, graces and decanting

"You decant for two basic reasons: to give wine a chance to breathe and to see off any deposits that might clag up the taste. It’s reds you decant; whites rarely benefit," writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Feeling the love, but it takes 10 years

"I think that even though semillon is unloved by the market I am going to keep looking for bargains where there is the potential to have a truly excellent wine," says wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / With nary a word of contention

"The range and depth of the proffered wines at tasting didn’t disappoint but I doff my cap to the rieslings," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / When poetry takes to grapes

"What is it about wine that inspires the poetic and where best is that connection expressed?" ponders wine writer RICHARD CALVER

Calver / Asking the acid question

"Having grapes that provide a good natural acid balance is good for winemaking as it involves less chemical intervention and additions by the winemaker," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Forgiveness, a virtue of a decent red

"Age had certainly taken what I bought years ago as a middle-order wine into something quite extraordinary, where smooth hung out like an old hipster," says wine writer RICHARD CALVER

Sarah’s sweet riesling has an acid bite

Sarah Collingwood, the CEO of Four Winds, says their riesling was designed to be food friendly. “Yes, we went for a light, citrusy, refreshing flavour, a little sweet but with a bit of an acid bite," she tells wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Challenging the old story of young wine

"Being young does not necessarily mean you are vibrant; being old does not necessarily mean you are wise. It depends on the individual," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Steve knows how to make a big Barossa red

Steve Kurtz is a Barossa winemaker who knows how to make full-bodied wine. Wine writer RICHARD CALVER says his favourite is the 2016 Lunar Block shiraz, which is Steve's flagship wine.






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