Wine / Steve knows how to make a big Barossa red

Steve Kurtz is a Barossa winemaker who knows how to make full-bodied wine. Wine writer RICHARD CALVER says his favourite is the 2016 Lunar Block shiraz, which is Steve's flagship wine.

Wine / ‘Lesser’ wines with warm memories

"This is a tale of two 'lesser' wines that gave sublime enjoyment where context is everything; the place, the company you keep and the situation delivers the most worthwhile of memories," writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Half dry does a full job with spicy food

IT was a friend’s birthday. She puts up with my lame jokes. The joke of the night was told amidst the usual groan. “Hey, did...

So, what the heck is sake?

"The degree of milling apparently makes all the difference to the sake. The drink is made with certain varieties of rice that is stripped of the bran in order to remove the protein and oil that the grain contains," writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / Pinot before the cycle of pain

"The trip takes you through the Otago region and before it started I caught up with an old friend and we shared some Otago pinot noir," writes RICHARD CALVER

Wine / What friends know about you

"The Italian soft reds went well with a bowl of value-for-money pasta in a dimly lit café that offered romance based on the affinity between chianti and tomato-based dishes," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER

Meat and fish.. what wine to order?

"The food was ordered: my friend a rump steak and me swordfish. This was a dilemma. What wine could suit both dishes? He wanted to order a red. I wanted to order a white. So, it was either wine by the glass or a compromise," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 

Wine / Swirling memories from a glass of fizz

"The pink in a glass of fizz evoked the memory of a date in the early 1970s with a lovely woman who was wearing hot pants in a vibrant, eye-watering pin," remembers RICHARD CALVER.

Wine / Spring brings a new drink of choice

SPRING has arrived. It is teasing us with tickles of warmth and blue sky. And then the clear skies leave Canberra bitter overnight. The...






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