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ACT QT: Added insulation

Today was all about the installation of insulation in our nation's capital.

John Hargreaves: If you can’t run it, wreck it

The last three sitting days of the Legislative Assembly for 2010 have seen the Opposition behaving as they have all year – Opposition for opposition sake.

As it stands, there have been 19 divisions in the Assembly over the last two and a half days, and the Opposition have lost all of them.

This belligerent approach from the Opposition is for no apparent reason and serves no purpose other than to waste the time of the hardworking assembly staff, and is an attempt at political points scoring.

ACT QT: Liberals laughing, leadership spills

Who are the suits sitting in the chamber and what have they done with my beloved Opposition?

Nation’s capital city or a big suburb?

Urban Planner Greg Mews writes:

Last weekend I returned from my holiday break and caught myself staring at a lonely but nicely spray painted graffiti on the walkway that left me thinking all the way home. How would I define the place I live in to my friends from overseas?

Australia forms Government, ACT Assembly learn about Palestine

Finally the nation can breathe out, we have a Government. No need to fear dissent into Somalia-like anarchy or start looking for Mad Max. There is someone in charge and her name is Julia.

Time to flip coins for parking misery

MARK PARTON enjoys a moment of guilty pleasure at not copping a parking fine. Sad, isn’t it?

Floriade: More impressive from the sky

Friday morning bright and early, bare-legged ladies in lipstick and boots sipped pink champagne from overflowing trays, while suited-up gents swung umbrellas and made...

Letters to the editor: Bring back Green Square grass

  Bring back the Green Square grass I’M emailing you in my capacity as reader of your fine magazine and one-time regular visitor of Green Square...

A toast to Jon Stanhope!

How many wedding celebrations include a toast to the Chief Minister?

Seven Days: Welcome to liveable, unaffordable Canberra

“Once you tell the world, you encourage everyone to come here and presto! It’s a crowded and you can’t park anywhere."

Shane Rattenbury: Can people power make a difference?

Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly and Greens Climate Change spokesperson Shane Rattenbury writes: It is often said the public have a low tolerance for many...

Capital choices

Yes, Canberra is a public service town and the public service provides meaningful and interesting work for many, but there are alternatives!

ACT Greens at the crossroads

Andrew Hughes, lecturer at the School of Management, Marketing and International Business at the ANU, writes:

To be a viable alternative government, the ACT Greens need to start pulling their socks up and get to work on the areas where the major parties have the market to themselves.

Suicide, we can do better

At age 22, I gave the eulogy at the funeral of my friend Andrew McIntosh, who had taken his own life. It was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do.

ACT QT: squibbing asbestos ponds

"You can't have a sitting week without a censure motion," Labor and Greens MLAs rolled their eyes post Question Time.





Last month saw five indigenous deaths in custody

Families of people who have died in custody are still pushing for CCTV footage, audio and photos linked to loved ones’ deaths to be released publicly, writes ALISON WHITTAKER. 


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