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Moore: Community deserves a sporting chance

“The Canberra Raiders’ redevelopment proposal of Braddon Oval simply rips off ordinary Canberrans."

Opinion: Grow up, legalise the weed!

MARK PARTON: “If people are smoking the weed in every Canberra suburb anyway… why not stop wasting police resources and start getting some of the money back.”

Opinion: Our top spot to live

  DRAWING on the latest census data, the 2013 “State of Australian Cities” report confirms our city as a place where people want to live...

Greg Mews: places we need

Urban planner Greg Mews writes: What connects people in a city and what determines liveability in a city that needs to respond to the challenges of...

Images from the Gungahlin Drive extension bridge collapse

Photographer SILAS BROWN was on the scene this afternoon at the site of the construction bridge collapse.

Opinion: A ‘most unusual’ adoption

NICK JENSEN: “My niece, was adopted 14 months ago. The strange thing is she was only born six months ago."

Holiday season wrap

Unitingcare Australia national director Lin Hatfield Dodds writes:

Like many Canberrans, I left the capital just after Christmas to have a holiday break with my family.

It was pretty confronting to return to phone and radio range to hear about the floods and devastation across Queensland and other parts of Australia. It put our wet camping experience in perspective.

ACT Greens at the crossroads

Andrew Hughes, lecturer at the School of Management, Marketing and International Business at the ANU, writes:

To be a viable alternative government, the ACT Greens need to start pulling their socks up and get to work on the areas where the major parties have the market to themselves.

Time to flip coins for parking misery

MARK PARTON enjoys a moment of guilty pleasure at not copping a parking fine. Sad, isn’t it?

ACT QT: squibbing asbestos ponds

"You can't have a sitting week without a censure motion," Labor and Greens MLAs rolled their eyes post Question Time.

Shane Rattenbury: Can people power make a difference?

Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly and Greens Climate Change spokesperson Shane Rattenbury writes: It is often said the public have a low tolerance for many...

Election letters: Signs of embarrassment

A CAUTION to other political parties, an embarrassment to Minister Rattenbury, but congratulations to TAMS rangers who removed the Greens’ signs from the Adelaide...

ACT Senate cagematch on union ground

I've got to hand it to ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries, he went into the lion's den and survived today at the Community and Public Sector Union's ACT Senator debate.

Home of public lectures

Our nation's capital is an amazing place for extra-curricular activities; with lawns around the city crowded after hours with soccer and football and boot camp, pubs loaded with actually knowledgable trivia teams, back yards packed with urban chicken gurus and living rooms overflowing with players of bridge and other previously assumed obscure card games.

But I care not for your ultimate frisbee, zumba, fit mums or organic permaculture techniques, I am a public lecture fanatic.

Catholic Archbishop’s Christmas message

Stars are fascinating and mysterious things: how we wonder what they are.

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Urban Policy Wars Episode IV

Expert rebels striking from a hidden base have won their first victory in the urban policy wars against the system, hitting the great challenges of the 21st century: Climate change, peak oil and health burden.

Does Canberra need more taxis?

ACT Greens spokesperson on transport Amanda Bresnan hangs out with Dickson taxi driver Peter to find out more about driving this town around.

Frocktober Canberra Style

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation's fundraising month Frocktober has been a smashing success in our nation's capital, with ladies and gents throughout Canberra raising...

ACT QT: energizing youth vote

After hours of debate on the Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bill 2010 this morning, the members of the ACT Legislative Assembly were not ready to let the carbon go, kicking off Question Time with a round robbin of energy asks.




Asking questions about Gladys Liu is not racist

What's the betting that when Scott Morrison and Donald Trump are exchanging views on China in Washington in a week or so, the President might be curious about Gladys Liu? writes MICHELLE GRATTAN.


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