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Opinion: Y so hard to get along with?

It’s official: MARK PARTON is an old man. He knows this because he has a 13-year-old daughter!

ACT QT: squibbing asbestos ponds

"You can't have a sitting week without a censure motion," Labor and Greens MLAs rolled their eyes post Question Time.

Moore: Community deserves a sporting chance

“The Canberra Raiders’ redevelopment proposal of Braddon Oval simply rips off ordinary Canberrans."

Frocktober Canberra Style

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation's fundraising month Frocktober has been a smashing success in our nation's capital, with ladies and gents throughout Canberra raising...

Opinion: Our top spot to live

  DRAWING on the latest census data, the 2013 “State of Australian Cities” report confirms our city as a place where people want to live...

Eden Monaro candidate meet

Pouring rain + Federal Election + 4 out of 8 candidates & Ross Solly ÷ Eden Monaro = 2.5 hours of propagating, pandering, psychotic pandemonium (of the variety only possible in NSW)

ACT QT: Added insulation

Today was all about the installation of insulation in our nation's capital.

Twitter election that isn’t

Before the 2010 Australian Federal election even started the media was going nuts with the phrase "Twitter Election" saying the social media site was going to change everything. But, as ZDnet's Darryl Adams pointed out, Twitter hasn't changed the political game, it's just changed the way political processes are analysed and viewed.

ACT QT: Liberals laughing, leadership spills

Who are the suits sitting in the chamber and what have they done with my beloved Opposition?

Night Rider needs Knight Rider

ANU Marketing Lecturer Andrew Hughes writes: Firstly some of you might be asking The Night what? Is this a scary bloke dressed in all black...

Calvary deal comes unstuck

With the Greens advocating compulsory acquisition of Calvary and the Opposition offering little to no suggestion for Canberra's looming Northern hospital nightmare, the Government is being forced back to the drawing board.

Election letters: Signs of embarrassment

A CAUTION to other political parties, an embarrassment to Minister Rattenbury, but congratulations to TAMS rangers who removed the Greens’ signs from the Adelaide...

Road trip for mens’ health

WHAT started off as plans for a road trip to Australia’s biggest music festival amongst nine friends, has turned into a campaign to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

ACT Greens at the crossroads

Andrew Hughes, lecturer at the School of Management, Marketing and International Business at the ANU, writes:

To be a viable alternative government, the ACT Greens need to start pulling their socks up and get to work on the areas where the major parties have the market to themselves.

Politics: The price of booze abuse

It’s time for meaningful political action on alcohol abuse, says MICHAEL MOORE

Images from the Gungahlin Drive extension bridge collapse

Photographer SILAS BROWN was on the scene this afternoon at the site of the construction bridge collapse.

No business like show business by kids

HERE we go again; it’s the pointy end of the year when everything seems to rush at you from all directions. For me, the end...

ACT QT: Playgrounds and terrorism

While the Feds hang in limbo with no Government formed three days after an election, the local Government in our nation's capital is going full steam ahead.

Andrew Leigh’s electoral office opening bonanza

This afternoon in the alcohol-free sunshine of Braddon the ACT's freshly annointed Fraser MP Dr Andrew Leigh officially opened his electoral office with the assistance of Senator Penny Wong and a varitable who's who of Canberra Labor.

ACT QT: cartoons and kids

Back in the chamber for the 2010-2011 Budget boogie the ACT Legislative Assembly has taken Treasurer Katy Gallagher's numbers to task, particularly the Change of Use Charge changes, public housing and childcare. But something has changed... the Liberal boys have backed down.





How to be sure the rates review is truly credible

“The Chief Minister has said the ‘heavy lifting’ relating to rates increases is over, yet at the same time saying increases will now only be 8 per cent per year (units an average of 11 per cent). This would certainly see the prediction of a tripling of rates come true," writes GARY PETHERBRIDGE

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