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CityNews Canberra YouTube festival

The CityNews presents the Canberra YouTube Festival, our pick of the finest capital footage on your internets, showing you the truth about our town.

ACT QT: streamlined jailbirds

In #ACTQT toady it was again all about our capital prisons - the Alexander Machonochie Centre and the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre.

Home of public lectures

Our nation's capital is an amazing place for extra-curricular activities; with lawns around the city crowded after hours with soccer and football and boot camp, pubs loaded with actually knowledgable trivia teams, back yards packed with urban chicken gurus and living rooms overflowing with players of bridge and other previously assumed obscure card games.

But I care not for your ultimate frisbee, zumba, fit mums or organic permaculture techniques, I am a public lecture fanatic.

Calvary deal comes unstuck

With the Greens advocating compulsory acquisition of Calvary and the Opposition offering little to no suggestion for Canberra's looming Northern hospital nightmare, the Government is being forced back to the drawing board.

ACT QT: cheap slogan cat calls

The double sitting week has clearly got to Canberra's political representatives in the Legislative Assembly, with some mid-sitting snot and slogans failing to get the pace rolling today in Question Time.

Cup proves the point

THE Kanga Cup has once again proven itself to be the prototype for mass-participation sporting events that Canberra should be chasing under the sports...

ACT QT: cartoons and kids

Back in the chamber for the 2010-2011 Budget boogie the ACT Legislative Assembly has taken Treasurer Katy Gallagher's numbers to task, particularly the Change of Use Charge changes, public housing and childcare. But something has changed... the Liberal boys have backed down.

Hunter: Three-party system is a crossroads

ACT Greens leader Meredith Hunter writes:

Andrew Hughes says that the Greens are not offering the policies of the "Coles and Woolworths" of Australian politics. I think that the community is becoming tired of the "homebrand" policies of the old parties and are shopping elsewhere because they want something new and different.

ACT QT: energizing youth vote

After hours of debate on the Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bill 2010 this morning, the members of the ACT Legislative Assembly were not ready to let the carbon go, kicking off Question Time with a round robbin of energy asks.

Does Canberra need more taxis?

ACT Greens spokesperson on transport Amanda Bresnan hangs out with Dickson taxi driver Peter to find out more about driving this town around.

Urban Policy Wars Episode IV

Expert rebels striking from a hidden base have won their first victory in the urban policy wars against the system, hitting the great challenges of the 21st century: Climate change, peak oil and health burden.

Charge of the Cavalry

Sport Minister Andrew Barr will tonight deliver the first pitch at the home debut of Canberra’s national baseball side, the Canberra Cavalry. The Minister will...

Changing ACT education #1

ACT Minister for Education and Training Andrew Barr writes: The most important job for any government is making sure young people get the best possible...

Eden Monaro candidate meet

Pouring rain + Federal Election + 4 out of 8 candidates & Ross Solly ÷ Eden Monaro = 2.5 hours of propagating, pandering, psychotic pandemonium (of the variety only possible in NSW)

WIN TV’s Lachlan Kennedy resigns

Canberra's WIN TV sports presenter and Chief of Staff Lachlan Kennedy has resigned from his position at the station after two years. Kennedy, an ANU...

ACT QT: squibbing asbestos ponds

"You can't have a sitting week without a censure motion," Labor and Greens MLAs rolled their eyes post Question Time.

Greg Mews: places we need

Urban planner Greg Mews writes: What connects people in a city and what determines liveability in a city that needs to respond to the challenges of...

A seaside mother’s lament

Why do the kids have to grow up? Why do they leave home just when they become fabulous company?

Big reasons to step up to a Big Australia

Here’s to a Big Australia; there is something rather sad about the movement led by the Greens and supported by some commentators and intellectuals...

There’s a disconnect in draft plan

IN the light of the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell’s release of the ACT draft planning strategy, people have been...





Last month saw five indigenous deaths in custody

Families of people who have died in custody are still pushing for CCTV footage, audio and photos linked to loved ones’ deaths to be released publicly, writes ALISON WHITTAKER. 

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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