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Costigan / No joy from the not-my-problem pollies

"At this time of celebrations it would be very kind if any local politician could urgently do something not very significant for them but of great importance to others," bemoans columnist PAUL COSTIGAN

Costigan / Under the radar, Yvette plays housing games

"As a result of the Northbourne clearances, the extra title of 'Minister for Urban Clearances' should be added to Ms Berry's  portfolios," writes PAUL COSTIGAN

Yesterdays / When you couldn’t get out first ball!

The sound of a mower in summer (and winter) for 'CityNews' cartoonist PAUL DORIN takes him back to his days of backyard sports... and an unnatural fascination for grass!

Grattan / David Hurley will be Australia’s new Governor-General

YESTERDAY (December 16) Scott Morrison announced that NSW Governor David Hurley will become Australia’s next Governor-General, succeeding Sir Peter Cosgrove.  The Prime Minister timed his...

A good read over clickbait every time

“While we’ve got better access to the news and current affairs than ever before, we’re actually reading less of it than at any time since our university days more than a quarter of a century ago," writes Mum in the City SONYA FLADUN

Moore / Democracy’s cancer lingers on

“Multiple parliamentary inquiries have heard of donation iniquities and the solutions… so what’s stopping them?” wonders MICHAE MOORE

Grattan / 2018, the year of governing badly

LOOKING back on the federal politics of 2018, voters can conclude they’ve been given a rough trot.  What’s been dubbed “the permanent election campaign” to...

Griffiths / Why are we listening to the wowsers?

"Why should people who live on the other side of the clock be denied the pleasure of a quiet drink after work?" writes Lowbrow columnist JOHN GRIFFITHS

Macklin / Floating tax ideas on a sea of thought bubbles

"Chances are we’ll see a modest rise in the tax mix – with most revenue going to hospitals – and some tightening at the top end of super in the interests of 'fairness'. And we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief," writes Seven days columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Welsh / Meegan’s Calvary probe may be too little, too late

"The Gungahlin Jets AFL club hadn't won a match since August 2016 and singing the club song was slightly awkward, but should become more familiar as the season unfolds," writes Seven Days columnist MIKE WELSH

Opinion / Unmasking Mr Laughlin’s link to Mr Lawrence

In some whimsical research, STEPHEN HOLT unmasks his gruff, old headmaster as a cousin of a man who got to look after the great writer  DH Lawrence (and his beard) in Thirroul

Friday on my mind

Breakfast radio host MARK PARTON shares some of the pre-dawn secrets he sees every morning on the way to work

Fladun / Derelict blots on the Canberra landscape

"Broken windows and doors, boarded up doors and graffiti give this central part of Woden all the charm of an abandoned Soviet industrial site," writes a grumpy Mum in the City columnist SONYA FLADUN

Moore / Is it time for ‘Donald’ Barr to go?

WHAT was in the Chief Minister’s mind when he launched a Trumpesque and unfettered attack on the local media? Or what wasn’t in his...

Parton / So, okay, I’m a ‘houso’

“When you’re four it’s not a public-housing house… it’s your home," writes columnist MARK PARTON

How low can politics go?

MOTHBALLING blue ties, reading menus carefully and getting rid of emails with sexist jokes seems to be the new parameters in Australian federal politics. The...

Stanhope / Stand firm and fight for asylum-seeker rights

“Even after 40 years' membership of the ALP, I still wrestle with how to appropriately respond to behaviour of the party that is anathema to everything I thought it represented," writes JON STANHOPE

Macklin / Surprises, unsurprises and Queenslanders

"Zed Seselja made an immediate impact with a sensible response to the overly-excited fears of a TV hostess about terrorism and a welcome pledge not to block same-sex marriage legislation," writes columnist ROBERT MACKLIN

Moore / Lead us not into (development) temptation

“When a developer floats ideas, the government should make them public, finesse the ideas and then put them out to open competition," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE





Rattenbury admits prison problems ‘unacceptable’

Former ACT Corrections Minister Shane Rattenbury has admitted that indigenous prison numbers in the territory are unacceptable and that "more work needs to be done" to address the issue.


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