Letters / Police may see themselves as the aggrieved

Police may see themselves as the aggrieved, warns letter writer COLLISS PARRETT, of Barton.

Footpaths: concrete is cheap… healthcare is not

"In the 16 years that I have lived in North Canberra, the abysmal condition of the suburban footpaths never ceases to amaze me." So says reader GREG SWINDEN in this letters extra on footpaths, falls and failures.

Letters / Vote for those who are suffering

I'VE spent many weekends door knocking middle-class Canberra on the campaign trail. When we ask voters what issues concern them most they say: “Everything...

Letters / Labor fiddles as the battlers suffer

JON Stanhope's column ("How Labor has turned its back on Canberra's battlers", CN, April 19), on battlers being bashed will have struck a chord...

Letters / Let’s call out all bad behaviour

I FEEL compelled to respond to Kate Meikle’s “Calling out bad 'good blokes'” column (CN, February 14). If we’re going to generalise about the...

Letters / What is it, Minister, you don’t want us to know?

"I find it very disturbing that the ACT government has willingly partnered with the Commonwealth in the implementation of its draconian and authoritarian national security regime." Great letters this week.

Letters / Rates, the gift that just keeps on giving

Grinding rate rises didn't need to be this way. There was a moment in history lost to the territory's ratepayers, says letter writer LUCINDA SPIER.

Letters / Why is racism so selective?

LIKE Michael Moore (“Hate, racism and the art of distraction”, CN, March  30) I do not agree with racism at all. However, I do...

Letters / Choir story raises questions

THE article, “New choir plans to empower girls through music” (CN July 5), does concern me, so I hope the choir replies. Nicole Muir,...

Letters / The Labor government is misnamed

"The ACT Labor government is misnamed. It would be more accurate to call it the Land Sales and Developers' Consortium," says letter writer HOWARD CAREW, of Isaacs.

Park the tram and take the O-Bahn to Woden!

Letter writer IAN PEARSON, of Barton, says save the tram money and build an O-Bahn track to Woden, it works well in Adelaide.  

Letters / The hydrogen fuel era has arrived

Letter writer Dr DOUGLAS MACKENZIE, of Deakin, has "a strong feeling" that the era of hydrogen fuel has arrived.

Letters / Victim’s wife says hang on to CTP

AS the wife of an innocent victim involved in a motor accident in 2015, I would like to impress the importance of retaining the...

Letters / Damage to trees ignored

I STRONGLY endorse the comments of reader Bjorn Moore ("Grumpy". CN, October 25) about the extent of illegal parking in Canberra. I have contacted several...

Letters / Time to fix the ugly development eyesores

Its time to fix the ugly development eyesores around the suburbs, says letter writer Sue Dyer, of Downer.

Letters / Time to share the ACT tax secrets

Letter writer PETER BRADBURY reckons it's time for a fair-dinkum community debate on tax in the ACT. 

Symmetry must star in a new vision for City Hill

Architect and letter writer JACK KERSHAW lobbies for a design competition not a call to developers for a key site in Civic. 

Letters / Giulia is no electoral loser

MANY people do not share columnist John Griffiths' view that Giulia Jones is a Liberal Party loser (CN, October 27). Jones received the third highest...

Letters / Informs, challenges and exasperates!

HEARTY congratulations on your 25-year milestone of crystallising “Well Written, Well Read” news, laced with the human and cultural touch of our treasured National...

Letters / Contempt for our trees

THANK you for Paul Costigan's column "The neglect and shame of our mistreated trees" (CN, February 14). I do not usually respond to news...





Ken holds court at the cellar door

“Ken Helm is no Mr Bumble; his pronouncements are more Joycean stream-of-consciousness than 19th century social commentary. But he is a heck of a talented winemaker," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 


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