Letters / Government ignores Canberra’s green losses

"What is the Green Wing of the government doing to change the bad old ways of the Barr government?" ask letter writers GLENYS and PHIL BYRNE, of Florey.

Please, please, Jon, return to the political fray

Letter writer HELEN WADE is pleading for former chief minister Jon Stanhope to return to the political fray.

Letters / Time to share the ACT tax secrets

Letter writer PETER BRADBURY reckons it's time for a fair-dinkum community debate on tax in the ACT. 

Letters / Stop looking stupid, delete the rainbow roundabout

IS BURT (the Braddon United Retailers and Traders) really serious about making the roundabouts in Braddon “celebrated icons” of adversity, challenges and triumphs ("Seven...

Letters / Are seniors so bad?

I ENJOYED reading Paul Costigan's recent "Canberra Matters" column (CN, September 13) where he commented on the fact that Canberra was not necessarily an...

Letters / Lamenting the concrete canyons of Canberra 

"Our beloved horse paddocks have been exchanged (without any community consultation) to provide an international housing estate, writes COLIN BLAIR, of Curtin. "How is this possible in a so-called democracy?"

Letters / What is it, Minister, you don’t want us to know?

"I find it very disturbing that the ACT government has willingly partnered with the Commonwealth in the implementation of its draconian and authoritarian national security regime." Great letters this week.

Letters / In the eye of the beholder

AH, Canberra, the third best city in the world and, we're told, a beautiful place to visit for overseas visitors. Welcoming tourists is the...

Letters / West Basin spin confuses public consultation

"Regardless of the West Basin infill, the apartment estate can still be stopped," says letter writer JULIET RAMSAY, of the Lake Burley Griffin Guardians.

Letters / Delivery drone noise threatens quality of life 

"It doesn’t take a lot of insight to work out that delivery drones are quality-of-life destroyers, no matter what marketing spin Wing serves up," writes reader MURRAY MAY, of Cook.

Letters / Malcolm, best leader Labor never had

MALCOLM Turnbull needed a few more days in The Lodge, thinks columnist Robert Macklin (CN, September 20). Really? Why? So he could destroy, irrevocably, the...

Letters / Greta’s a ‘shining example’ of not letting 16-year-olds vote

That "angry, ill-informed and seemingly disturbed little Swedish girl Greta Thunberg" is a shining example of why 16-year-olds should not have the vote. says letter writer BILL STEFANIAK , of Narrabundah.

Letters / Cashed up and don’t care

Letter writer MURRAY MAY, of Cook, says the return of the Barr government suggests there is a good proportion of people in Canberra cashed up and untroubled by rising rates and taxes. 

Letters / Arrogant advertising?

IT would appear either arrogance or defiance that Bayer/Monsanto mounted a television advertising campaign for its glyphosate product. These ads followed almost immediately after...

Trust lost in government processes

Like columnist Michael Moore, letter writer Dr Julie Kidd says she won’t be voting for either of the major parties.

Letters / Racial crisis calls for meaningful ideas

Letter writer MARTIN GORDON, of Dunlop, says the hijacking of the protests about the wrongful death of George Floyd are a bigger travesty when they spiral into looting, and grandstanding rather than meaningful ideas.

Letters / Why is racism so selective?

LIKE Michael Moore (“Hate, racism and the art of distraction”, CN, March  30) I do not agree with racism at all. However, I do...

Letters / Spare Fyshwick the stinking garbage

THERE are many issues of community concern in regard to the current CRS waste proposal for transferring all of the red-bin and commercial waste...

Help the homeless by better managing public housing

There are two kinds of people in Canberra; those who work and pay taxes and those who don’t, says letter writer LUCINDA SPIER, of Campbell. 

Letter / Don’t cut the aid budget

WHILE I waited in the supermarket queue my impatience grew as my stomach growled in hunger. I felt annoyed as I looked down at...





Canberrans continue to pay the most rent nationally

Canberra remains the most expensive state or territory to rent a house or unit and tenants are finding it harder to secure a lease, according to the Domain Rent Report for the March quarter. 


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