Letters / ‘Insane’ bus service to Crace

THE new Crace bus service has no direct bus to the city, which is absolutely insane as residents have to change multiple times to...

Letters / Choir story raises questions

THE article, “New choir plans to empower girls through music” (CN July 5), does concern me, so I hope the choir replies. Nicole Muir,...

Letters / Appalling state of our beautiful city

MICHAEL Moore is spot on with his piece on the appalling planning state of our beautiful city (CN, July 12). I ask myself exactly...

Letters / When will the gouging stop?

RETURNING to work after July 1, like thousands of other Canberra workers who have to park in one of the many ACT government-operated parking...

Letters / Town planning or social engineering?

I REFER to Michael Moore’s column (“Arrogant Labor’s thumbs up to cynical push polling”, CN June 28) regarding questions requiring "black and white" responses...

Letters / Barr and Berry are way off track

JON Stanhope provides a damning assessment of the ACT government’s social and housing priorities in his opinion piece on the ACT Suburban Land Agency...

Letters / Fewer circuses, please Mr Barr

SOME 35,000 people in Canberra live below the poverty line and several thousand are homeless. Why? Being a city-state I always have wondered how our...

Letters / Spare Fyshwick the stinking garbage

THERE are many issues of community concern in regard to the current CRS waste proposal for transferring all of the red-bin and commercial waste...

Letters / Is this how we want to live?

IT was good to read in "CityNews" (May 17) that former politician Steve Doszpot's legacy of good works for the betterment of the community...

Letters / Roads ‘nightmare’ that is Gungahlin

MOTORISTS visiting Gungahlin are met with a nightmare of picket-fence traffic lights some 50 metres apart that cause chaos, frustration and anger either when...

Letters / Let’s go big game, Shane

A FEW years ago the then-President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, changed the status of his country's national parks to permit photographic safaris but no...

Letters / Informs, challenges and exasperates!

HEARTY congratulations on your 25-year milestone of crystallising “Well Written, Well Read” news, laced with the human and cultural touch of our treasured National...

Letters / Labor fiddles as the battlers suffer

JON Stanhope's column ("How Labor has turned its back on Canberra's battlers", CN, April 19), on battlers being bashed will have struck a chord...

Letters / Minister rejects Health link claim

ON March 23 I was pleased to announce, with Minister Rattenbury, that the ACT Health directorate would become two organisations later in 2018, with...

Letter / Barr ‘interested in only himself’

WHEN are the ACT voters going to get rid of Chief Minister Andrew Barr? He has shown complete disregard, disdain and lack of respect...

Letters / Amused by the ‘change of heart’!

IT is amusing to see Chief Minister Andrew Barr condemned in "CityNews" for deriding "The Canberra Times" as irrelevant and in decline. "CityNews" has...

Letters / Hate is an awful word

HATE is an awful word, defined by the dictionary as “to feel an intense aversion, to detest or to abhor”. It is possibly one...

Letters / Jon’s jumped the shark

JON Stanhope has really jumped the shark ("Hard lessons loom amid high risks", CN March 1). After previously complaining that the ACT government is...

Letters / Invasive weeds in Downer

I AM overcome with the invasive weed Vinca major (periwinkle) in my rented house property at Downer. When I lived with my daughter next...

Letters / Fears of a festival fire threat

We, the residents of the Naas Valley, at Tharwa, wish to register our deep concerns regarding the upcoming Psyfari Festival that is to be...




Big fine for ‘selfish’ rider

A motorcyclist was fined almost $2000 after he was caught travelling 155km/h in an 80km/h speed zone on Cotter Road this week. 

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