Letters / Give the greyhounds one last chance

ALAN Tutt’s impassioned defence of the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club ('Unblemished' welfare record, letters, December 15) in the face of RSPCA criticism was interesting.  His...

Letters / Stanhope’s needle view ‘disappoints’

JON Stanhope has contributed significantly to Canberra's future, but I am deeply disappointed at his approval of the distribution of needles ("Handing out needles,...

Letter / Greyhound club’s ‘unblemished’ welfare record

THE CEO of the RSPCA ACT, Tammy Ven Dange, has continued her campaign of lies and deceit in "CityNews" (letters, December 1, "Watching out...

Letters / Fun and freedom is our way

I AM offended by ex-Iranian Ilnaz Roomiani's long-winded letter, “Depicting Muslims in an unflattering light” (CN, November 24), with its implication Australian cartoonists should...

Letters / Watching out for the welfare of greyhounds

IN reference to Tim Gavel's article "The Risk of Greyhounds Going to the Dogs" (CN, November 17), we too have a concern about the...

Letters / When Giulia went to Sweden

IN response to the letter from Rewa Bate (CN, November 8) disputing John Griffiths' view that Giulia Jones was a "Liberal Party loser", I...

Letters / Giulia is no electoral loser

MANY people do not share columnist John Griffiths' view that Giulia Jones is a Liberal Party loser (CN, October 27). Jones received the third highest...

Letters / Moore lost on Gungahlin Drive

I RARELY waste time and effort re-fighting past battles, however the misinformation in Michael Moore’s column ("Why we have to get light rail right",...

Letters / Inspectors, do your job!

MANY Canberrans use median strips and footpaths for illegal parking and do so with total impunity. The ACT government, City Services in particular, does...

Letters / Vote for those who are suffering

I'VE spent many weekends door knocking middle-class Canberra on the campaign trail. When we ask voters what issues concern them most they say: “Everything...




Civic pedestrians take big road risks

IN the space of an hour police issued almost 60 cautions to pedestrians and cyclists for committing an offence at the intersection of Northbourne Avenue and Alinga Street in Civic. 


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